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House Warming
DateJune 26, 1998 (Mondo)[1]
November 9, 2007 (YouTube)[2]
December 18, 2008 (Atom)[3]
June 16, 2013 (YouTube, HD)[4]
Production number102 [citation needed]
Writer(s)Warren Graff
Rhode Montijo
Kenn Navarro
Director(s)Rhode Montijo
PreviousSpin Fun Knowin' Ya!
NextHelping Helps

"House Warming" (alternatively spelled "Housewarming" on the Blood Sample AB DVD) is the second episode of Season 1 of Happy Tree Friends. This episode is the first to introduce Petunia and Handy.


Happy Tree Friends website (pre-Atom) and YouTube: Moving into a new house has never been so exciting.[5][6]

Happy Tree Friends website (Giggles Episode Guide): Handy, the resident carpenter beaver with no hands, builds Petunia a lovely new home. How does he do this with no hands? Some secrets may never be revealed! The project turns into a disaster when a fire breaks out and Handy has to come to Petunia's rescue.[7]

Happy Tree Friends website (latest): An exciting new house for Petunia.[3]


The episode starts with Petunia watching Handy build her new treehouse. She thanks Handy, and she climbs up her tree. Right before Handy leaves, Petunia's house catches on fire. Handy frantically runs next to the burning treehouse to try to catch Petunia. She jumps out of the house but falls face flat on the ground. Handy, acting paranoid, tries to find a way to get rid of the fire. He finds a fire hydrant only to realize he does not have hands. He then finds a bucket which he assumes is full of water. He knocks the bucket with his foot, only for the flames to grow bigger, realizing it is gasoline. As a last resort, Handy tries to stomp the fire with his boot, rescuing Petunia and hurting her in the process. Now, all weak, she raises her hand and makes the okay sign.


"Smiles are always free!"



  • Petunia jumps from a great height and hits the ground.
  • Petunia gets set aflame from her burning treehouse.[8]
  • Handy knocks over a bucket of gasoline, covering himself with ashes and furthering Petunia's injuries.
  • Handy stomps on Petunia's body to get rid of the flames.

Survival rate[edit]

  • Amount of surviving main characters: 2
  • Amount of dead main characters: 0
  • Total rate: 100%

Animation errors[edit]

  • Handy lacks ears in both his intro and in the episode when he is screaming.
  • Right before the treehouse bursts into flames, Petunia's eyes are still visible for a brief moment.
  • When Handy turns around after the explosion, his toolbelt disappears in one frame.
  • After Handy kicks the bucket, the entire landscape had burn marks. Nevertheless, when Handy is about to stomp on Petunia, it is back to normal.
  • When Petunia is making the okay sign, she has five fingers.

References in later episodes[edit]


Main article: List of House Warming staff

Rhode Montijo and Aubrey Ankrum created the episode while John Evershed was the executive producer.

Altered and deleted scenes[edit]

There are a few differences between the episode's storyboard and the final product.

  • The two scenes showing Handy coming to help and Petunia burning in her treehouse were swapped around in the final product, which plays the latter first before the former.
  • Petunia's "OK" sign in the end faced left in the storyboard instead of right in the episode proper.

Unrendered graphics[edit]

There are graphics placed outside the rendering area in the episode's SWF file. Presumably, they are loaded throughout the intro first to optimize loading times due to bandwidth limitations at the time.


  • This episode is the only one where Petunia survives in her starring role.


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