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Nutty's Party Smoochie (known as simply Party Smoochie in Happy Tree Friends: Volume 1: First Blood, Nutty Party in the 2009 version[1], or erroneously Nuttys Party Smoochie on YouTube) is a Smoochie revolving around Nutty. It was available on the Happy Tree Friends website, but it would eventually be removed with the website now redirecting to MondoMedia's [citation needed]. The only official remnants of the game currently are videos that show the options and the .swf file that was still in the old version of the website. The theme of the Smoochie is party gifts.

The non-interactive video version was released on Mondo's official website on September 25, 2009 and on YouTube on November 11, 2009.



Party Gifts

just for you[2]


Happy Tree Friends website:
Be careful when unwrapping presents![3] (Featured Play Thingy)
It’s a party and everyone is invited! Just be careful what presents you ask for ‘cause you just may get it![4] (latest)


  • Nutty slightly tilts his head briefly.
  • Nutty giggles.

Smoochie choices[edit]


A yo-yo will be tossed towards Nutty. He will play with it for a bit until it knocks one of his teeth out. He will then throw the yo-yo away in anger, forgetting that its string is still wrapped around his hand. This will send the yo-yo back to him, grinding against his groin until his entire body catches fire.


A rectangular gift box decorated with balloons will fall on the ground. Nutty will maniacally unwrap it, revealing a large pair of scissors and causing the balloon strings to wrap around his neck. He will then throw the scissors down, sending him floating upwards due to the lessened weight. As he chokes from the string around his neck, he will try to reach toward the dropped scissors with his foot, to no avail.


A go-cart will fall on the ground. Nutty will then gleefully get on and drive it back and forth. The go-cart's exhaust will then build up, eventually causing Nutty to cough a few times before suffocating entirely.



  • Nutty's entire body is burned from the yo-yo's friction in the Toy option.
  • Nutty is strangled by balloon strings in the Gift option.
  • Nutty suffocates from the go-cart's exhaust fumes in the Treat option.


  • Nutty loses a tooth from getting hit by the yo-yo.



  • All of the gifts in Nutty's Party Smoochie have a blue and pink color scheme, as shown on the yo-yo in "Toy", the gift box in "Gift", and the go-cart in "Treat".
  • The only visible blood is from Nutty's tooth/mouth injury in the "Toy" option.
  • Like Cuddles' Pet Smoochie and Flaky's Baseball Smoochie, the 2009 re-release will have the Smoochie automatically play the first option ("Toy") without audio after the viewer waits through Nutty's two idle animations.
  • Nutty is depicted without his candy cane on his chest in this Smoochie.

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