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Splendont is the archenemy of Splendid and the main antagonist of the Splendid's SSSSSuper Squad episode, "Mirror, Mirror". He appears identically to Splendid, except he has the opposite colors with red fur and a light-blue mask. In his debut appearance, Splendid tries to stop the volcano from erupting in the city. After using a rock to cover it up, the volcano erupts and launches the rock into space. It shatters a magic mirror which summons Splendont. He rescues a train about to fall into a pit which Splendid nearly fails at doing. Splendid tries to partner up with Splendont but Spledont refuses. Throughout the episode, they fight each other due to their jealousy for eacho other. Eventually, Splendont uses the moon in an attempt to kill Splendid. Splendont leaves before the SSSSSuper Squad arrives. Splendont appears to be similar in personality to Splendid though he appears more competent in comparison to him as he was able to rescue the many passengers on the train. He appears to share some jealousy with Splendid because he fought him when they were trying to rescue the citizens in the burning house.

The creators considered the idea of Splendont during the television series, but the creators never got to use him in an episode. He was initially going to have a goatee, inspired by the Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror", but thought it was silly. They also wanted to take some inspiration from Bizzaro, a comic-book villain who is the polar opposite of Superman. The eventual idea is to reverse his colors, similar to Reverse-Flash.