Sugar High

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Sugar High
DateMarch 31, 2009[1]
DeveloperChristian Gull[2]

Sugar High is a Happy Tree Friends Flash game published on the Mondo website. This game revolves around Nutty jumping on as many birds as possible to take their candy before the fall from extreme height kills him.


It’s Nutty’s dream come true! There’s been an accident at the nearby candy factory exposing the delicious sweets inside. All the hungry birds are swooping in and taking all the candy.[3]


Sugar High gameplay.

Sugar High is played with keyboard controls. The player can move Nutty left or right by pressing the left or right arrow keys, or make him jump by pressing the Spacebar. Nutty starts off on the ground, while the candy-carrying birds of various sizes fly by from left to right. Jumping on a bird will kill it and bounce Nutty higher. Height is measured starting from his first bounce until he falls back on the ground, at which point the height counter is reset and, if the height recorded is the new best by the player, it is kept on the Top counter. Points gained from candy collected (in multiples of 5) depends on the bird's size. The largest birds will reward the player 5 points each, while the smallest ones will reward 25 each. Similar to height, points are recorded starting from a successful bounce and are reset to 0 every time Nutty lands back on the ground. If the points recorded are the new best by the player, they will be kept on the Best counter.

The game is over if Nutty splatters on the ground upon falling, which becomes possible once the player breaks 40 Height in a single attempt, even if the player bounced on a lower bird to reach less than 40 after reaching said height.


Image Name Description
Nutty The sugar-crazed squirrel taking advantage of the destroyed candy factory and the candy-carrying birds resulting from it. The player helps him collect candy by bouncing off the birds, though bouncing too high will result in him splattering on the ground upon falling.
Bird The woodpeckers carrying candy from the destroyed candy factory. They vary in size, which influences the points earned from jumping on one.



  • The birds splatter if bounced on by Nutty.
  • Nutty splatters on the ground from falling a great height.

Notable mistakes and errors[edit]

  • The bird's sprite becomes the purple woodpecker from "Hide and Seek" during its death animation due to reusing the same animation from the latter.
  • It is possible for birds to spawn underneath the ground Nutty can stand on, making them unable to be bounced on.

Differences from Jumping Nutty[edit]

Jumping Nutty, a Happy Tree Friends Flash game produced by Christian Gull that serves as the basis for Sugar High.

The game is a remake of the previous fan game Christian Gull created titled Jumping Nutty. The same death animation error for the birds from Jumping Nutty is also retained in this game. There are a few differences in comparison between the two.

  • Nutty's sprite is mostly static (or stiffly animated while jumping, bouncing on birds, or dying) in Jumping Nutty. He also does not laugh throughout the game.
  • The background music in Sugar High is a proper Happy Tree Friends soundtrack unlike Jumping Nutty. The music stops if Nutty dies in Jumping Nutty.
  • The "Best" record counter in Sugar High is also written as "Top" in Jumping Nutty, the same as the height record counter.
  • The birds make a squawking noise when bounced on in Jumping Nutty, while bouncing on a bird in Sugar High results in a splatter sound instead.
  • In Jumping Nutty, Nutty's remains get defecated on by one of the birds upon getting a game over. This does not happen in Sugar High.
  • While the background theme in both games is the same (albeit modernized in Sugar High), Sugar High adds the destroyed candy factory to justify the game's premise.



The unofficial mobile port published by Christian Gull.
  • Sugar High was given an unofficial mobile port for iOS[4] and Android under Christian Gull's name as publisher. Despite this, the's app listing[5] never updated the Android version's availability when it was still available on Google Play (only saying "coming soon" for both Google Play and sideload methods; clicking the sideload button for this game instead downloads Splendids First Flight 2 (sic)). Even then, the Android version was only designed for older Android OS versions, and would crash when launched on a newer OS.
  • A link to the unofficial website is hidden below the screen, a leftover from Jumping Nutty.[6]


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