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Toothy (89).png
Species Beaver
Episode Count
First appearance Happy Tree Friends - Spin Fun Knowin' Ya! (1999)
Latest appearance Happy Tree Friends - An Inconvenient Tooth (2016)
First Victim
First Death
Latest portrayal Warren Graff [citation needed]

"Using a toothbrush is tantamount for twinkling teeth."
— Toothy's starring intro, Season 3 of Happy Tree Friends

Toothy is one of the main characters in the Happy Tree Friends franchise. As his name implies, he is a purple beaver with gapped buckteeth. Toothy made his official debut in Spin Fun Knowin' Ya! alongside Cuddles, Lumpy, and Giggles. Since then, he has become a recurring character in the series. Beginning with this episode, Toothy has been consistently voiced by Warren Graff. Toothy is most often seen playing with other childish Tree Friends, particularly Cuddles.

Concept and creation[edit | edit source]

A concept drawing that features two characters, one that bears a striking resemblance to Toothy.

Not much of the historic details of Toothy's creation was ever disclosed and consequently, he remained an anomaly in terms of origins. The most ever discovered that pre-dates his finalized iteration in Happy Tree Friends was a sketch depicting a beaver playing with a bomb along with a rabbit who bears resemblance to Cuddles. [citation needed] This beaver later evolved into the design used in the unreleased pilot, "Banjo Frenzy".

By his appearance in "Banjo Frenzy", he was given several new features. These include a small protrusion of hair, squirrel-like teeth, a marking on his belly, and his iconic purple coloration. However, he was given another major redesigned once he appeared in the first public episode, "Spin Fun Knowin' Ya!". From this episode and onward, Toothy was given several attributes, but his most notable includes his teeth becoming gapped. Other design changes include the addition of freckles and a slightly lighter coloration. However, the hair on his head was also removed in his next appearance, "Treasure Those Idol Moments".

History[edit | edit source]

Happy Tree Friends[edit | edit source]

Toothy is a major recurring character in the internet series, Happy Tree Friends. He makes his official debut in the episode, "Spin Fun Knowin' Ya!", alongside Cuddles, Lumpy, and Giggles. In Season One, Toothy was mainly portrayed as a childish character who enjoyed playful activities, like playing on a swing in "Treasure Those Idol Moments" or partaking in a game of hide-and-seek in the episode, "Hide and Seek".

In Season Two, Toothy started to become more prominent. In "Eye Candy", he was the main protagonist, where he trips on a log while carrying a lollipop, resulting in Toothy getting the candy shoved into his eye socket. He also had a major starring role in the episode, "Class Act", where he is a lead singer in a school play that soon falls into shambles.

Starring intros[edit | edit source]

  • Season 1: Toothy waves both of his arms at the viewer.
  • Season 2: Toothy raises both of his hands up in excitement in a purple background.
  • Season 3 through Season 5: Toothy is holding a toothbrush.

Happy Tree Friends (television series)[edit | edit source]

Toothy appears in the television series adaptation of Happy Tree Friends. His first appearance is in the "One Foot in the Grave" episode, "From Hero to Eternity". Toothy's prominence has diminished much more, as he is the only character without an episode truly focusing on him. While "Autopsy Turvy" does give Toothy a starring role card, that was merely a fake-out, and resultantly, Toothy didn't appear in the episode as the protagonist, that position being handed to Flippy instead.

Starring intros

  • Season 1: As a nod to "Eye Candy", Toothy bites a lollipop and proceeds to cheer.

Arcade games[edit | edit source]

Happy Tree Friends: Spin Fun[edit | edit source]

Toothy is a character Lumpy can spin off of the merry go round. Toothy can be launched a decent distance distance and will subsequently be killed when he hits the ground or an object.

Happy Tree Friends: Flippy's Flying Frenzy[edit | edit source]

Toothy is a character who appears within the game. Toothy is one of the characters the evil side of Flippy could drag into hazardous objects with his helicopter. In the opening cutscene, Toothy, along with Cuddles and Giggles, were blowing and inflating balloons, which would pop soon after. This frightens Flippy and prompts him to flip out.

Arcade games[edit | edit source]

Fire Escape[edit | edit source]

Toothy is one of the characters Flaky must catch in order to land in the ambulance.

Hare Trigger[edit | edit source]

Toothy makes an appearance in this game. At the beginning of the game in-question, Toothy is tasked with lighting up the fuse on a cannon Cuddles is in. Depending on how the player's scores, Cuddles proceeds to blast out of the canon at a either significantly high or low height.

Aim To Freeze[edit | edit source]

Toothy is one of two main protagonists of this game. Here, Toothy and Lumpy are engaged in a snowball war. Of course, Toothy has the ability to toss snowballs at Lumpy and vice-versa. Also like his opponent, Toothy has a health bar of three hits. If Toothy is pelted with a snowball three times, he will freeze up and suddenly shatter. Toothy also has the opportunity of tossing a snowball into a bucket. If he lands correctly, Toothy can one-hit Lumpy with a snowball. However, the same will apply to him if Lumpy successfully lands a bucket.

Happy Tree Friends: Aggravated Asphalt[edit | edit source]

Toothy plays a brief but somewhat important role in the game's story. Toothy was riding a bike and waving at Flippy, hardly realizing that a nail rests in his path. His bikes runs over the nail, puncturing the tire and causing him to run into trashcans, toppling them all. Toothy is decapitated by a mailbox in the process. Many disposed items falls out of the trashcans and a pineapple in the piles catches Fliqpy's attention, reminding him of the war and causing him to flip out.

Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm[edit | edit source]

Despite Toothy's absence in the episode of the same name, he is a rescuable character in the video game, Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm, alongside Giggles, Nutty, Flaky, Flippy, Mole, and Russell. Lumpy needs to help aid him and the other Happy Tree Friends in every zone.

Happy Tree Friends: Deadeye Derby[edit | edit source]

Toothy is one of the playable characters of the game, and an unlockable one. He is unlocked by beating Sniffles' boss fight. When he is used, the player has improved aim. In his animation on the character select screen, he blows into a bottle, making a tune and proceeds to laugh playfully.

Biography[edit | edit source]

General information[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Toothy crying due to his injury relating to his teeth.

Toothy is friendly and polite, notably to a higher extent than most other characters. He likes to play around and engage in childish activities. Toothy loves to sing, as this can be seen in "Class Act", "Deck the Halls", and "We Wish You". He's also known for being impulsive, acting mostly before he thinks. On some occasions, Toothy has aided Cuddles' in his mischief. He has also been a troublemaker on his own in some episodes. Toothy likes gardening and is quite handy in repairing vehicles.

However, the most prominent character trait of Toothy is his tendency to cry. Toothy is known for being very sensitive and as displayed in many instances, it does not take much to trigger Toothy's sobbing. The first depiction of his emotionally fragile personality was in "Eye Candy", where he is shown letting out whimpers as he gets himself injured. However, the episode where it is openly expressed is in "Class Act", where Toothy is seen shedding tears and exhibiting signs of being traumatized. In later episodes, Toothy usually cries whenever he is subjected to a high amount of pain.

On some occasions, Toothy was given an inconsistent personality. His direct characterization is shown to vary rather considerably and his interests are also prone to changing to suit an episode's plot. In a few areas, Toothy's personality is fairly similar to Cuddles - he acts fairly mischievous and a little reckless, but seem to be genuinely kindhearted and is often shown as endearing. As stated by Ken Pontac, he considers Toothy to be very underdeveloped and plans on expanding upon his character. After the TV series had ended, Toothy was given a few defining characteristics; he is shown as somewhat playful and a bit stubborn. Furthermore, Toothy has shown an increased hobby for chores.

Physical information[edit | edit source]

Toothy is a freckled light purple/mauve beaver with very large, gapped teeth (from which his name is derived), which appear to have a diastema. Toothy is usually drawn hairless, but he is drawn with two black strains of hair in "Spin Fun Knowin' Ya!". While these features were removed in future episodes, they remained in the opening credits of internet Season One. He has a large dark purple tail and a light purple belly marking. Unlike most other characters, Toothy does not wear any sort of clothing nor accessories. However, in many instances, he has worn a few outfits, such as a green apron in the episode "We're Scrooged". However, he mostly wears headgear and otherwise stays unclothed.

Toothy is best known for his two gapped teeth. However, he rarely suffers any injury to them, excluding four instances. In both "Spin Fun Knowin' Ya!" and "Blast From The Past", after he is slammed onto a tree, his teeth are lodged into it. In "Snow Place To Go", Toothy breaks his tooth while trying to bite open a can, exposing his nerves. In "An Inconvenient Tooth", he unintentionally drinks fertilizer, causing his teeth to rapidly grow. He tries to shorten them by filing his teeth down using a rasp, only for his teeth to simultaneously enlarge once more. Even though his teeth are supposed to be longer than the other characters, some episodes have incorrectly drawn them as the standard buckteeth. This goof was most prevalent in internet Season One and internet Season Two, though it was mostly fixed in later seasons.

Other outfits and designs[edit | edit source]

In "Ski Patrol", Toothy is designed with stylized look. Both his limbs and ears take on a much more cubical shape. Additionally, his pupils are completely circular.

In "Cubtron Z", Toothy is designed within a stop-motion environment, and was made with cardboard to be animated.

In the irregular episode "New Season Teaser", he is in the same art style as Dick Figures as a purple stick figure.

Occupations[edit | edit source]

Toothy is a character of many occupations. He has been a Christmas play actor in "Class Act", a fire fighter in "Who's to Flame?", a circus assistant in "Mime to Five", a toymaker in "We're Scrooged!", a carol singer in "Kringle Karols", "Deck the Halls", and "We Wish You", an office worker in "See You Later, Elevator", and a film developer in "See What Develops". He is also in the industry of Postal Service, as he's a paperboy in "Peas in a Pod", a delivery boy in "Aw, Shucks!", and mailman in "Easy Comb, Easy Go". Additionally, he has worked in the Healthcare industry, as he was a dentist in "Nuttin' but the Tooth" and an ambulance driver in "All In Vein".

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Friends and love interests[edit | edit source]
Cuddles and Toothy teaming up to taunt a rhino.

Toothy is a shy and bashful character who is usually shown on his own. Even then, he is fairly social and neighborly. His best friend is Cuddles. Cuddles and Toothy are the most frequent paring on the show and the two are very commonly seen partaking in activities and games together. The two have also engaged in mischievous antics, such as taunting a baboon in "From A To Zoo". However, the two started a war in "Camp Pokeneyeout" where the conflict escalated from a simple misunderstanding. However, the two made up and remain very close friends.

Giggles is also one of Toothy's friends. Of course, this makes sense as he and Giggles are often together in a group with Cuddles and Lumpy, and Cuddles is both Toothy's closest friend and Giggles' love-interest. The two do not interact too often but on the instances they have, the two are on good terms. In "Blast from the Past", she and Cuddles comforts Toothy after he broke his arm from falling off a slide. Toothy was also glad to see Giggles being put down by Splendid in "Better Off Bread" though, neither he nor Splendid didn't notice that she was dead at the time. He was also mad at Splendid for attacking Giggles in "See What Develops".

Toothy and Lumpy have an interesting relationship. The two seem to be on good terms by default but sometimes, a quarrel comes between the two. As a matter of fact, this rivalry occurred far back into the pilot, "Banjo Frenzy", where a prototype Toothy chomps onto the leg of the dinosaur (who is a prototype Lumpy) in retribution for decapitating him. In the modern show, the rivalry appears to come out of strange moments of malice on Lumpy's side and Toothy's more unruly mischievous side. In "We're Scrooged!", Lumpy intentionally kills Toothy just so he could make profit off of his body-parts and internal organs. He also captured Toothy along with several other characters and later cracked his head like an egg in "Dunce Upon a Time". Toothy also threw a snowball at Lumpy in "Strain Kringle" as a mischievous prank while the latter was simply walking by.

Petunia and Toothy are friends, telling by their interactions. Toothy and Petunia were building a snowman together in "From Hero to Eternity" and the two also partake in a game of Hide-and-seek in the aptly named "Hide and Seek", alongside Flaky and Flippy. The two have also been on several trips together on several occasions, such as "Happy Trails Pt. 1", "From A to Zoo", and "Take a Hike". Also, various media supplementary to the TV series also commonly depicts Toothy and Petunia together.

Handy and Toothy are at a neutral level and the two hardly interact, despite common beaver specimen trait between them. In "Class Act", Handy listens to Toothy's singing and appears to be delighted by it. In "Breaking Wind", Handy accidentally kills Toothy with his truck due to the former suffocating of intoxication while driving. In "Remains to be Seen", they both partake in trick or treating with the rest of the cast.

Nutty and Toothy are on friendly terms most of the time, but both of their personalities has caused disputes for both of them. In "Nuttin' but the Tooth", Toothy dresses up as a dentist to help remove Nutty's rotten tooth, but the former's unprofessional methods for treating the tooth led to him horrifically mutilating latter's mouth. In "Chew Said a Mouthful" Nutty kidnaps Toothy during surgery and kills him in pursuit of a jawbreaker that replaced his eyeball during operation.

Sniffles and Toothy practice operating slingshots.

Like Cuddles, Sniffles is a very close friend of Toothy. They appear together in various instances such as "Ski Kringle" or "Camp Pokeneyeout". The two enjoy each other's company, with hardly any ill will made between their relationship. Toothy and Sniffles are often seen doing various activities together and have a great amount of fun from doing said activities. They are sometimes seen with Cuddles, forming a trio.

Toothy doesn't interact with Pop nor Cub on a personal level. With Pop, his most significant interaction with him is in "Read 'em and Weep", where Pop bought one of his books from Toothy's yard sell. The only other major interaction Toothy had with Pop was in "Class Act", where he admires Toothy's singing. With Cub, Toothy has been seen with him more, but mostly as a group within the rest of the younger characters. Toothy was suppose to eat Christmas dinner with Cub in "Kringle Feast" and the two attend the same birthday party in "I Get a Trick Out of You". However, Cub killed Toothy in "Cubtron Z" as a giant robot via a massive puke wave that caused his, Disco Bear's, and Mime's heads to swell up and explode.

Toothy and Flaky are at a mutual level. Both characters have partake in group activities together, as the two characters have been on trips in several episodes, acted in a school play in "Class Act", celebrated Flippy's birthday party in "Party Animal", attended a cruise in "Snow Place to Go", and played hide-and-seek along with Petunia and Flippy in "Hide and Seek".

Toothy and The Mole are often seen together in groups and have partook or work in the same affiliation but neither have interact that often on their own. Both characters worked as firefighters together in "Who's to Flame?", celebrated Flippy's birthday in "Party Animal", and were both seen at another birthday party in "I Get a Trick Out of You". However, it's worth noting that when the two are directly acknowledging one other, a conflict is created. Toothy was visibly annoyed waiting for The Mole to order his meat in "A Change of Heart". In "Spare Tire", The Mole drives through Toothy's house, and although we only see the result, it causes a huge amount of damage to Toothy's house and the beaver is quite bothered by this occurrence.

Toothy and Disco Bear hardly interact at all, but in the exceptions where they do, they seem to get along well. In "Who's to Flame?", Toothy and Disco Bear are co-workers in a fire brigade and in "Cubtron Z", Toothy and Disco Bear are seen together with Mime.

Toothy is a mutual friends of Russell at best, as they played baseball in "Can't Stop Coffin", went trick-or-treating together in "Remains to be Seen", and they went on a cruise together in "Snow Place to Go".

Toothy and Mime are pretty good friends. In "Mime and Mime Again", Mime is Toothy's hospital entertainment while the latter was severely injured and had to be put into a full body cast. Toothy and Mime comrade each other "Mime to Five" to set up Cuddles' daredevil stunt. They also watched "Lumpy and the Lumpettes" with Sniffles together in "YouTube Copyright School". Toothy and Mime worked together to set up Flippy's birthday party in "Party Animal".

Toothy is shown to be friends with Cro-Marmot. In "Autopsy Turvy", the two play dress up with Cuddles and in "Can't Stop Coffin", they play baseball together with, again Cuddles.

Toothy is impressed by Splendid's feat.

Toothy is a big fan of Splendid, as most other characters. However, his love for Splendid exceeds many of the other characters, and Toothy always takes any given chance to associate himself with Splendid. His first instance of admiring Splendid was in "Butter Off Bread", where Toothy was impressed by Splendid's prevail in destroying an asteroid that was heading earth's way. Toothy is later seen wearing a costume very reminiscence of Splendid in Remains to be Seen. Oddly though, he was crossed with Splendid for attacking and ambushing Giggles (who Splendid mistaken for The Mole) in "See What Develops".

While Toothy has never been seen interacting with Truffles on-screen, he does have a picture of him in his locker in "An Inconvenient Tooth". The picture in question sits next to picture with Cuddles and Giggles. Telling by this observation, it can be concluded that they are friends.

Foes and rivals[edit | edit source]

Lifty and Shifty and Toothy aren't exactly at massive odds. The only real negative thing the duo have ever done to Toothy is taking advantage of him once in "Junk in the Trunk" just to kidnap his pet tortoise. Other instances seem mutual at bare minimum and outright friendly at best. They appeared at a dinner party together, sitting opposite to each other in "Kringle Feast" and they went trick-or-treating together in "Remains to be Seen".

Speech[edit | edit source]

Toothy speaks in a high-pitch and child-like voice. He talks often but his words are mainly blithered. He provides a squeaky voice whenever he is spouting out his lines.

Deaths[edit | edit source]

Toothy suffering an eye injury

Toothy has several deaths in the series, has died in his debut, and rarely survives. Toothy is one of only two characters to have fallen victim to every main character at least once, with the other being Lumpy. Most of Toothy's deaths often relate to his eyes, getting crushed, organs, and being disintegrated into ashes. Beginning with the episode "Eye Candy", several of Toothy's injuries has involved one of his eyes getting severely injured or removed. Toothy is the most frequent victims to the following characters: Cuddles, Mime, Lumpy, and The Cursed Idol. Like Cuddles, he is most often the first character to die in an episode. He is also the first main character to be killed by Fliqpy, in both the Internet and TV series.

  1. Banjo Frenzy: Gets decapitated by Lumpy's banjo.
  2. Spin Fun Knowin' Ya!: Is flung off a merry-go-round and flies into a tree, breaking his spine.
  3. Treasure These Idol Moments: Is impaled through the mouth by a swing.
  4. Hide and Seek: Has his neck snapped by Fliqpy.
  5. Mime and Mime Again: Gets pulled into a fan that his bandages are caught in and is sliced into pieces.
  6. Eye Candy: Has his brain and left eye pulled out of his right eye socket.
  7. Class Act: Dies in an explosion when he sets the school on fire.
  8. Toothy's Easter Smoochie:
    1. Yummy: After swallowing multiple eggs, a group of chicks burst out of his stomach.
    2. Goody: Gets repeatedly strangled by a snake around his body, getting his eyeballs forced out of their sockets in the process.
  9. Better Off Bread: Gets crushed by a meteorite.
  10. Keepin’ it Reel: Is stabbed through his head and eye by a movie projector.
  11. Remains to be Seen:
    1. Is run over by Flippy's truck.
    2. Gets caught in an explosion after he bites Fliqpy's inflating brain.
  12. Stealing the Spotlight: Is vaporized by the heat of Lumpy's Christmas lights.
  13. From A to Zoo: Is impaled through the head by a rhino's horn.
  14. Kringle Feast: Passes out from a gas leak and gets caught in an explosion caused by Lumpy.
  15. Ski Kringle: Is impaled by Lumpy's skis.
  16. Ski Patrol: Is inflated with oxygen and pops when he hits the sharp tip of a flagpole.
  17. YouTube Live Episode: Either killed by Fliqpy or the claw.
  18. From Hero to Eternity: Is cut in half by Splendid's laser vision.
  19. And the Kitchen Sink: Is smashed by a chunk of wall tied to Pop's car.
  20. Party Animal: Has his face sliced off with a cake cutter by Fliqpy.
  21. Ipso Fatso: Is decapitated by a barbell.
  22. Doggone It: Is killed by a giant squid off-screen.
  23. Concrete Solution: Dies when a bridge collapses.
  24. Who's to Flame?: Dies in a fiery explosion caused by an underground gas leak.
  25. Take a Hike: Is impaled through the back on a sharp rock.
  26. Snow Place to Go: Gets his arteries and veins ripped out from his arm by Russell's fishing hook.
  27. Dunce Upon a Time: Has his head cracked like an egg by Lumpy and then gets his brain released from his head.
  28. Gems the Breaks: Is flung out of a school bus and into a wood chipper.
  29. Mime to Five: Fires a cannon that explodes and sends him flying into a pole, where he turns to dust.
  30. Blast From the Past:
    1. Flies into and impales Lumpy, getting his abdomen skinned by Lumpy's ribcage.
    2. Same death from "Spin Fun Knowin' Ya".
  31. Chew Said a Mouthful: Gets dismembered into several pieces after being rammed into a stack of pipes.
  32. See What Develops: Is disintegrated by the backlash of Splendid's speed.
  33. Idol Curiosity: Drowns in a shipwreck.
  34. Aw, Shucks!: Gets trapped underwater and drowns.
  35. A Sight for Sore Eyes: Has his head cut in half by an open filing cabinet drawer.
  36. Easy Comb, Easy Go: Turns into dust by intense UV rays.
  37. Junk in the Trunk: Is run over by Lifty and Shifty's van.
  38. Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II): Gets flatten against his closest by Cro-Marmot.
  39. The Carpal Tunnel of Love: Is crushed by a door.
  40. We're Scrooged!: Is dropped into and shredded by a box full of chattering teeth.
  41. Peas in a Pod: Suffocates on toxic fumes, causing him to barf out his internal organs.
  42. Wrath of Con: Is crushed by the force of Splendid's breath.
  43. Strain Kringle: Has his body forcefully torn apart through a strainer.
  44. See You later, Elevator: Catches on fire by Pop's match.
  45. Star Kringle: Gets his head impaled by a Christmas tree star.
  46. Happy New Year: Has a chandelier fallen on top of him.
  47. New Season Teaser: Stabbed through the mouth with a knife by Fliqpy.
  48. Claw: Either killed by Fliqpy or the claw.
  49. Brake the Cycle: Is crushed by a dead Lumpy's motorcycle.
  50. Breaking Wind: Is hit against his house by Handy's truck.
  51. All in Vein: Has his head impaled by Lumpy's fangs.
  52. By the Seat of Your Pants: Is decapitated by Fliqpy. (Death not seen)
  53. Cubtron Z: Has his body burnt to the bone by Cubtron's vomit, causing his head to explode.
  54. Spare Tire: Gets his organs forced out by a fire extinguisher.
  55. Camp Pokeneyeout: Is crushed by a boulder.
  56. An Inconvenient Tooth: Is hit by Lumpy's van.

Debatable Deaths[edit | edit source]

  1. Happy Trails: Flies out of a bus.
  2. Toothy's Easter Smoochie (Tasty option): Gets poisoned by a rotten egg, violently barfs, and passes out.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is a Halloween costume of Toothy with a pair of scissors impaled in his eye.
  • The First Blood DVD "Collect them All" section reveals he flosses his teeth excessively.[1]
  • According to the Favorite Character poll in 2003[2], Toothy was tied with Handy, Pop, and Cub for having 4% votes, putting all of them below Nutty, Cuddles, Flaky, Petunia, and Giggles (all at 6%) and above Sniffles (3%, placed #11). In the Best Happy Tree Friends Character tournament, he beat Disco Bear on Round 1[3] only to lose against Flaky on Round 2.[4]

References[edit | edit source]