Happy Tree Friends: Run and Bun

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Happy Tree Friends: Run and Bun
Date July 10, 2013 (web)[1]
July 17, 2013 (Amazon)[2]
August 21, 2013 (Google Play, iTunes)
Developer TreSensa, Inc.
Publisher TreSensa, Inc.
Platform Android
Genre Arcade & Action

Happy Tree Friends: Run and Bun is a Happy Tree Friends video game developed by TreSensa, Inc. This game is a simple endless runner that controls more akin to Jetpack Joyride featuring six playable characters and six playable levels.

This game was later taken down from both Google Play and iTunes, and was no longer playable on TreSensa's direct site, but can still be downloaded from Amazon.


Run and Bun gameplay as demonstrated by "Happy Tree Friends - Run & Bun / Buns Of Steal Teaser" video by MondoMedia, showing Lammy flying through buns.

The game utilizes the touch screen controls (mouse clicks on the web version). As the play area scrolls indefinitely, by tapping the screen, the player character will either hover or jump depending on his/her mode of transport. For hovering characters, tapping and holding the screen will make him/her float up higher. Obstacles litter the play area alongside the collectibles. If the player hits an obstacle while not in an invulnerable state, the game ends.

Buns are the main collectible in the game and function as in-game currency to unlock more characters, levels, and powers. Normally, one bun is added to the total for every bun collected, but if a character matches his/her favorite level, the collected amount will be doubled. Powers appear in the form of special buns that grant useful effects from clearing all obstacles on-screen to pulling all nearby buns to the player for a short time. If the player wants to, they can choose to buy buns via the game's in-app purchases.

Upon getting a game over, the final score is determined from the distance traveled and buns collected in the current session.


Playable Characters
Image Name Favorite level Buns required to purchase Description
Lammy City Starter The game's starting playable character. Drives a small airplane with Mr. Pickels accompanying her. Because of this, she ascends slowly into the air when the screen is tapped.
Disco Bear Park 200 The disco-loving bear that wears roller skates. Has a fixed jumping height per tap.
Cuddles Cave 500 The daring yellow rabbit with a skateboard. When he jumps from a ground-bound state, the jump height is higher than Disco Bear's, but his mid-air jumps are much shorter.
Handy Construction Site 1000 The handicapped construction worker beaver with a jackhammer. When he jumps from a ground-bound state, the jump height is between Disco Bear's and Cuddles's, but his mid-air jumps are much higher.
Mime Amusement Park 2000 The mime deer riding a unicycle. Like Cuddles, his jump from a ground-bound state is high, but his mid-air jumps are short.
Flippy Jungle 3000 The soldier bear with a jetpack equipped. Compared to Lammy, another hovering character, he takes off into the air much faster, but he is heavier.

Other characters include: