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Pop's BBQ Smoochie (known as Pop Bar-B-Que in Happy Tree Friends: Second Serving, or simply Pop's BBQ in the 2008 version[1]) is a Smoochie revolving around Pop. It was available on the Happy Tree Friends website, but it would eventually be removed with the website now redirecting to MondoMedia's [citation needed]. The only official remnants of the game currently are videos that show the options and the .swf file that was still in the old version of the website. The theme of the Smoochie is the 4th of July celebration[2] involving BBQ.

The non-interactive version was released on Mondo's official website on July 3, 2008 and on YouTube on July 4, 2008, further cementing the 4th of July theme. It was also published on YouTube Shorts as separate clips per option. On Shorts, Clip #1 (Light) was released on April 19, 2023, clip #2 (Corn) was released on April 29, 2023, while clip #3 (Kabob) was released on September 5, 2023.



You've just adopted a Happy Tree Friend of your very own!

Love it to death![3]


Happy Tree Friends website (pre-Atom): Ready for a summer barbeque? Better run for cover when Pop's doing the grilling![4]

Happy Tree Friends website (latest): What NOT to do at your next summer BBQ![5]


  • Pop lifts his hat as he greets the viewer, saying something that sounds like, "Hello there!".
  • Pop smokes his pipe.

Smoochie choices[edit]


Pop will spray the BBQ grill with a bottle of flare before igniting it, which will cause it to blow up. The grill will then come down on Pop's head after he sits up in a daze. Charcoal pieces from the grill will fall out and burn through his head and chin. After Pop collapses backwards, one last charcoal will fall out from the grill and burn through his chest.


A corn cob will fall on the BBQ grill and Pop will eat it. A spark from the grill will land on his robe, setting it on fire, though thankfully Pop can put it out. The heat will cause the eaten corn to pop, causing Pop to bloat up and suffocate from the resulting popcorn filling up his body. One of his eyes will also pop.


A kabob will fall on the BBQ grill and Pop will bite down on it. However, the meat is hard to tear off. Pop's struggle in eating it will result in him accidentally impaling his eye with the kabob. After screaming in pain, Pop will collapse forward, allowing the kabob to pierce through his head.



  • Pop's head is pierced through by charcoal in the Light option.
  • Pop suffocates from popcorn filling up his entire body in the Corn option.
  • Pop's head is impaled by the kabob skewer in the Kabob option.

Notable mistakes and errors[edit]

  • The "Reset" button in the 2009 re-release version does not properly reset Pop's state despite showing the three options again. This means that the only way to view Pop's idle animations again in this version is to reset the application entirely.
  • In the non-interactive video version, Pop's smoking pipe simply disappears into thin air after he tossed it away in the "Kabob" scene. The original interactive version covers this up with the Smoochie frame, but the animation is not re-adjusted for the video version.



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