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Species Bear
Episode Count
First appearance Happy Tree Friends - Havin' A Ball (2000)
Latest appearance Happy Tree Friends - A Handy Nanny (2016)
First Victim
First Death
Latest portrayal Aubrey Ankrum (2000 - present)

Pop is one of the main characters in the Happy Tree Friends franchise. He is the incompetent father of Cub (hence his name). He is recognized for his irresponsible nature, causing him to indirectly harm Cub on several occasions. Pop is usually seen alongside Cub in the episodes starring him, but he has a few prominent appearances without Cub, such as Pop's BBQ Smoochie. His most defining traits are his red bathrobe and cap, the pipe he constantly smokes, his unintelligence, and his deep voice.

Concept and creation[edit | edit source]

Pop was originally drawn as a bear character with little accessories smoking a pipe in his mouth. This design only featured Pop's recognizable cap and was otherwise seen with a belly marking, a trait seemingly absent in the subsequent episodes. Pop was also missing buckteeth, which is a common trait shared among earlier designs. At some point, Pop was eventually redesigned, but the most notable element in his new appearance was his recognizable bathrobe. At this point in development, he had the working name Poppy and was given a son, who was initially named Fuzzy.

When Pop and his son made their first appearance in Havin' A Ball, their designs went mostly unchanged, although with a few refinements. Most importantly, both characters were renamed to "Pop" and "Cub" respectively.

History[edit | edit source]

Happy Tree Friends[edit | edit source]

Pop first appears in the season 1 episode, Havin' a Ball, alongside Cub. His debut episode differs from other episodes he appears in as he does not cause Cub harm. Chip Off the Ol' Block depicts Pop as unaware of Cub's death, indirectly burning his corpse in the process. Pop would initially see his son die and intentionally burn his body without remorse in a deleted scene, in stark contrast to him mourning his death in later episodes. The creators felt the scene was too harsh and changed it, so Pop was more unaware than he was. Season 2 would eventually portray Pop as more negligent, as shown in Snip Snip Hooray!, he does not realize Cub has the razor in his mouth and plugs it in, causing him to die. Despite this, Pop does not realize his son died and attempts to cut his hair, assuming he is sleeping. In Water Way to Go, Pop is a bit more aware of his son's demise after he indirectly buried him.

After the television series, Pop intentionally kills Cub in Read 'em and Weep to exorcise the demon controlling him, without knowing Lumpy already doing it. This marked the first and only instance throughout the whole series where Pop deliberately killed his son. In Something Fishy, Pop is seen without Cub for the first time in the internet series.

Pop's BBQ Smoochie[edit | edit source]

Pop is the main subject in his smoochie, Pop's BBQ Smoochie. The Smoochie revolves around Pop engaging in barbeque-themed activities such as grilling, eating corn, and eating a kabob. All of these actions cause Pop to die.

Happy Tree Friends (television series)[edit | edit source]

Pop appears in the television adaptation of Happy Tree Friends. First appearing in the last two segments of One Foot in the Grave: From Hero to Eternity, and And the Kitchen Sink. Pop has the same role in the internet series, though his incompetence is more severe. However, unlike other appearances, the episode And the Kitchen Sink is the first time Pop notices that Cub dies.

Fire Escape[edit | edit source]

Pop makes his first video game appearance in Fire Escape. He is one of the victims in the inflamed building that Flaky must rescue. If Flaky fails to catch Pop and he falls onto the ground, he will violently splatter. Because the same victim can come out of the building twice, it is possible for two Pops to appear on-screen.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Despite Pop's age, he shares the same cutesy design and proportions as the rest of the main characters. However, Pop's voice is notably deeper than most characters in the series. His wardrobe is a parody of the 1950s-style sitcom father, as he wears a dark-red bathrobe, a light-red belt, and a dark-red cap, though his attire sometimes changes in certain episodes. In addition, he wields a brown pipe in his mouth, which he smokes. As stated in his Collect 'em All card, he even smokes in his sleep.[citation needed] However, he is seen without his smoking pipe in many instances. Pop is rarely seen without his hat, though he doesn't have any hair underneath it, unlike his son.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Pop is quite similar to Lumpy in personality. Pop is very unintelligent and doesn't pay much attention to his actions. For that reason, he often causes other characters' deaths, mainly Cub. In most scenarios, he fails to notice Cub's demise and once even mistook Nutty's concrete-filled stomach as his own son because it wore Cub's hat. However, in the moments where Pop does realize his son is in genuine danger, he comes to the rescue and tries to save Cub from his predicament.

Pop rarely interacts with anyone besides Cub, and he is usually portrayed as impatient and grumpy when he does. In "A Hole Lotta Love", he threatens Sniffles to rescue Cub and, at some point, engages in a fight with him. In "A Hole Lotta Love", he gets annoyed at Mime when trying to order food. In "From Hero to Eternity", Pop is seen bothered by Splendid each time he passes by him. Pop has shown an interest in barbeque[2] and video games[3]. As seen in "Read 'em and Weep", Pop is a cheapskate.

Other outfits and designs[edit | edit source]

In "Cubtron Z", Pop is constructed with cardboard to be animated in a stop-motion environment.

In "Clause For Concern", Pop is dressed as Santa Claus. He wears a large white beard, a red coat with a white fur collar, a black belt, and a red hat with white fur.

In "A Handy Nanny", he wears a bowling outfit.

In "Every Litter Bit Hurts", Pop wears blue trousers over his red bathrobe.

Occupations[edit | edit source]

Pop is a full-time father who has a son to care for. However, Pop is very dimwitted and incompetent, leading to Cub getting lost, injured, or even killed.

In "Clause For Concern", Pop is a mall Santa. He plans to go to the designated mall to fulfill his occupation but is halted by many obstacles.

In "A Handy Nanny", he is depicted as a bowler. Though it is off-screen, by what it can be seen by the resolution, Pop is a proficient bowling champion, as he has won a whopping tremendous trophy.

In "Every Litter Bit Hurts", Pop is an environmental volunteer. During this episode, he works alongside Giggles and performs most of his tasks competently. However, he fishes out Cub's beanie and starts to panic. He is later killed by a pinecone.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Friends[edit | edit source]

Family[edit | edit source]

Foes and rivals[edit | edit source]

Speech[edit | edit source]

Unlike most characters, Pop speaks in a very deep voice. Several of Pop's given dialogue is somewhat intelligible. For instance, in "Chip Off the Ol' Block", he tells Cub to "stay here". In most instances, he often calls for his son and usually says his name. Pop is often the character to read literature, thus, he is given moments where he is heard reading (unseen) words.

Deaths[edit | edit source]

Pop has a relatively low number of death and rarely survives, but despite this, he dies in his debut. Most of Pop's deaths usually involve getting impaled, burned to death, or head-trauma.

  1. Havin' a Ball: Is sliced into pieces by helicopter rotors.
  2. Flippin' Burgers: Is crushed flat by a door.
  3. Class Act: Dies in an explosion.
  4. Stealing the Spotlight: Gets his skin boiled by Lumpy's bright lights.
  5. Easy For You to Sleigh: Dies from inhaling carbon monoxide.
  6. Pop's BBQ Smoochie:
    1. Gets his head is impaled by the kabob skewer in the Kabob option.
    2. Gets his head pierced through by charcoal in the Light option.
    3. Suffocates when popcorn fills up his entire body in the Corn option.
  7. Who's to Flame?: Was burned to death off-screen.
  8. Every Litter Bit Hurts: Is impaled through the head with a flaming pinecone, which subsequently sets him on fire.
  9. As You Wish!: Is impaled on the tip of Sniffles' rocket.
  10. Mime to Five: Has glass shards from a broken windshield pierce his body.
  11. Aw, Shucks!: Is crushed by a giant piece of popcorn.
  12. Wrath of Con: Is killed off-screen when a Comic Con Center explodes.
  13. See You Later, Elevator: Dies in a building explosion.
  14. Cubtron Z: Gets crushed when Cubtron sits on him.
  15. A Vicious Cycle: Gets decapitated after being electrocuted by a power switch.
  16. Spare Tire: Is reduced to a skeleton by an explosion.
  17. Going Out With a Bang: Gets squeezed to death by Cub's baby leash.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to the Happy Tree Friends QA section, which is handled by Kenn Navarro, Ken Pontac, and Warren Graff, on the official Mondo website, Pop is one of their favorite Happy Tree Friends characters, the other being Cub.[4]

References[edit | edit source]

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