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Seasons 1-2 Seasons 3-4

First appearance"Crazy Antics"
Latest appearance"Dream Job"
First VictimFlaky
First Death"Crazy Antics"
Latest portrayalLiz Stuart (2000- present)

"Science is seriously satisfying!."
— Sniffles's starring intro, Season 3 of Happy Tree Friends

Sniffles is a main character in the Happy Tree Friends franchise. He is a blue anteater with a pair of glasses, though he was originally concieved as a squirrel. In several episodes, he is pitted against a recurring family of The Ants who often assault him in sadistic and exceptionally gruesome manners. Since his debut, Sniffles has been featured in many episodes throughout the series, even appearing in more starring roles than any other character aside from Lumpy in the television series. Sniffles is regonizable for his long trunk-like snout, large glasses, nerdy demeanor, and consistently high IQ.

Concept and creation[edit]

Prior to his debut in Crazy Ant-ics, Sniffles was intially planned to be a squirrel with comically large glasses and a pocket protector. His following redesign changed him into an anteater, but kept his glasses and pocket protector. In the storyboards of Crazy Ant-Ics, Sniffles' mouth was drawn under his trunk, but his tongue seemed to be located in his trunk.[1] While a few episodes seem to follow this design by mistake,[2] both his mouth and tongue more consistently appear on his trunk since his introduction.


Happy Tree Friends[edit]

Sniffles made his debut in Happy Tree Friends in the episode, Crazy Ant-ics. He makes several major appearances in the main internet series. For Season 1, he only had traits associated with a nerd stereotype. In Crazy Ant-incs, he makes his first attempt at catching the ant family, only to get killed by them. He encounters the ants again in Tongue Twister Trouble, where he is also tortured by Mittens. In Happy Trails Pt. 2 - Jumping The Shark, Sniffles builds a machine for the first time. He also fought the ant family twice in Season 2, as in A Hard Act to Swallow and Suck It Up.

Starring intros[edit]

  • Season 1: Sniffles looks at the viewer with an intrigued expression.
  • Season 2: Sniffles is in a light blue forest, holding a book.
  • Season 3 through Season 4: Sniffles is doing a chemical science experiment with two potions.

Happy Tree Friends (television series)[edit]

Sniffles appears in the television series adaptation of Happy Tree Friends. His first appearance is in the "One Foot in the Grave" episode, The Wrong Side of the Tracks. As with his internet appearances, Sniffles is featured very often. His inventions also gets more focus. Tongue In Cheek is the only episode in the television series to focus on Sniffles' rivarly with the ants.

Starring intros[edit]

  • Season 1: Sniffles uses a magnifying glass to show the baby ant.

Arcade games[edit]

Fire Escape[edit]

Sniffles is one of the victims who Flaky must rescue from a building fire. When Sniffles jumps out the building, he must be bounced off Flaky's umbrella until he lands inside the ambulance. If Flaky fails to rescue Sniffles, he will fall to his death. It is possible for two Sniffles to appear on-screen together.

Happy Tree Friends: Run and Bun[edit]

Sniffles is an obstacle in this game. He is seen driving an ambulance. If the player runs into him, the player will be killed.


Sniffles appears a few times in Strandead. In the intro cutscene, following the crash in Happy Trails Pt. 1, he, Lifty, Shifty, Flaky, Lumpy, Handy, Flippy, and Giggles are stuck on a small deserted island. However, they spot a distant land across the shark-infested sea. Sniffles begins to design his blueprint that involves a fire extinguisher, a tube, and a chopped up tree to form a giant catapult. After showing his plan to the other Happy Tree Friends, Sniffles enlists Giggles as her test subject.

Sniffles also appears on the pause and game over screens, holding an internal organ in the latter.

Happy Tree Friends: Aggravated Asphalt[edit]

Sniffles play a role in the game as an obstacle. If Flippy's evil side runs into him, Sniffles will be sliced in half and killed.

Happy Tree Friends: Deadeye Derby[edit]

Sniffles appears twice in Happy Tree Friends: Deadeye Derby. He is first encountered in the tutorial level and is later fought as the first boss.

In his boss fight, Sniffles pilots a machine remiscent of the one in A Hole Lotta Love. In his first phase, he shields himself in a glass dome, requiring the player to attack it. Once the glass dome is destroyed, Sniffles is left vulnerable and he will occasionally call up a laser device to attack the player. The player has 10 seconds to shoot one of the devices before it fires. Once Sniffles' health is depleated, one of his lasers misfires at him, cutting him in half. After Sniffles' defeat, the map "Terror Trails" and Toothy are unlocked.


General information[edit]


Sniffles is best described as very intellegent. He enjoys reading, science, and solving math equations. He is sometimes portrayed as a geek, as he dresses up as Spock for Halloween in Remains to be Seen and seems to idolize Splendid, which is most evident in Wrath of Con. Over the course of the series, Sniffles has built many inventions. However, they often backfire or malfunction, as they often result in the death of Sniffles and other Happy Tree Friends. Sniffles is also quite prone to making impulsive errors. Naturally, Sniffles loves to eat ants, but he is often unsuccesful at catching them, with the exception of Blast from the Past. The "Collect Them All" section of the First Blood DVD claims that Sniffles has a few allergies, though none are specified.[citation needed] While Sniffles was previously shown as weak in Spare Me, this is contrasted by Idol Curosity, where he appears to be rather atheltic. On some occasions, Sniffles is often frustasted by others' stupidity. While Sniffles is normally friendly and helpful, he (along with Lumpy, Handy, and Flippy) murdered Flaky after she punctured their inflatable raft in Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark.

Physical information[edit]

Sniffles is a baby blue anteater with a long snout and a thin tail. Unlike the other characters, his ears are flat and pointed. He sports a pair of blue glasses tapped at the brige. Sniffles was seen without his glasses only twice; in A Sight for Sore Eyes, he is shown to have same eyes as the other characters, but in Tongue Twister Trouble, his eyes only comprised of pupils. Sniffles is occasionally seen with eyebrows, which appear inside his glasses' lens. He also has a pocket protector on his chest, which holds a blue, purple, and red pen. Sniffles is so far the only character whose fingernails have been shown, as seen in Tongue In Cheek. On the bottom of his feet, Sniffles appear to have light purple soles.

Unlike the other Happy Tree Friends, Sniffles doesn't have a pair of buckteeth or a heart-shaped nose. His truck-like snout is combined with his mouth, as his lips are located on its tip. Its length has gradually shorten over time, as it was intially long enough to almost reach his feet in the first two internet seasons, but as of the television series, became much smaller. Beginning with Wrath of Con, Sniffles was occasionally drawn with a shorter trunk, and as of the fourth internet season, this seem to have become a permanent feature. Despite being an anteater, Sniffles has teeth. His tongue's length is inconsistent. In Tongue In Cheek, his tongue chased the mother ant throughout a forest and only stopped when Lumpy was standing on it. Meanwhile, his tongue reached its limit after stretching a few feet in Tongue Twister Trouble. In a few episodes, Sniffles' ears seem to move in correlation to his mood. [3] [4]

Other outfits and designs[edit]

In many episodes, Sniffles only wears a headgear that represents his occupation. In Who's To Flame, Sniffles wears a firefighter helmet. In Idol Curosity, Sniffles is seen with an pith helmet. In Aw, Shucks, Sniffles is seen wearing an graduate cap in one of Lumpy's photos. In Wingin' It, Sniffles wears a green avitor cap. In In A Jam, he wears a green headset. In Peas in a Pod, Sniffles is a mailman who sports a navy blue cap and carries a courier bag with the same color. In Every Liter Bit Hurts, he wears an orange vest with his pocket protector on it.

While Sniffles is usually only seen with a pair of glasses and a lone pocket protector, he has occasionally worn a full outfit. In Concrete Solution, Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow, Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm, and Spare Tire, Sniffles wears doctor attire, which mainly consists of a head mirror and a white coat. In Remains To Be Seen and Something Fishy, Sniffles is dressed up like Spock from Star Trek. His costume is made up of pointed ears, a red shirt with the U.S.S Enterprise Insignia and black pants.

In Tongue Twister Trouble, Sniffles wears purple earmuffs, a pink scarf with purple stripes, and white ice skates. He wears a similar outfit in I've Got You Under My Skin with the addition of pink mittens, but his scarf is now blue and purple. In Mime to Five, Sniffles wears a pair of purple trunks. In Happy Trails Pt. 1, Sniffles has a pair of purple headphones. In Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark, he wears headgear made from a coconut. In Dream Job, Sniffles puts on a helmet that is connected to a TV that vizualizes his thoughts as he sleeps. In his dreams, he is seen in several outfits. In a kitchen-themed dream, Sniffles wears a toque and a white apron. In a dream that seems to take place at war, Sniffles wears a combat helmet with a heart card in its strap. In Class Act, Sniffles is seen wearing a candy cane costume. In Wrath of Con, Sniffles has a backpack riddled with merchendise of Splendid. He also wears Splendid's red mask.


Sniffles has many occupations throughout the series. In Concrete Solution, Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow, Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm (episode), and Spare Tire, he is depicted as a physician. He has been a firefighter in Who's To Flame? and an environmental volunteer in Every Litter Bit Hurts. He was also a lead explorer in Idol Curosity and a manager for Lumpy's band in In a Jam. He was also a cotton candy cender in Easy Comb, Easy Go. In both Wingin' It and Blast from the Past, Sniffles is a pilot who maintained an airplane.


Friends and love interests[edit]
Foes and rivals[edit]



Sniffles has many deaths in the series, has died in his debut, and rarely survives. He is frequently killed by the ants and is their only victim. His deaths usually involve being impaled, head trauma, his organs and/or tongue, and dismemberment. Sniffles' deaths are often slower than most of the other characters. His longest death occured in Tongue in Cheek. However, in some instances, which mostly happens in newer episodes, he dies quickly. Sniffles has died in all of his appearances in the second internet season.

  1. Crazy Ant-ics: Gets gasoline poured onto his tongue by the Ants, who then ignite it, causing his upper body to explode.
  2. Sniffles Smoochie:
    1. Has his arms torn off and is crushed by a jetpack.
    2. Gets impaled by an iron beam.
    3. Gets crushed by his super-sized internal organs after drinking a chemical mix.