The General

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The General
First appearanceHappy Tree Friends Ka-Pow! - Operation Tiger Bomb (2009)
Latest portrayalKen Pontac (2009) [citation needed]

The General[1] is a commander for the Tiger Army that made his solo appearance in the W.A.R. Journal episode, "Operation: Tiger Bomb". He has a base located deep in a jungle. He was planning to rule the world until Flippy came to a stop him. After Flippy's plan foils, The General attempts to stop Flippy and his comrades, Sneaky and Mouse-Ka-Boom but Fliqpy kills him before he attempts to win.



He dies from a log crushing him.


  • He has a missing eye and hand.
  • Fliqpy disembowels his intestines.
  • Fliqpy punches him a couple of times.