Too Much Scream Time

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Too Much Scream Time
DateSeptember 27, 2023
PreviousIn Over Your Hedge

"Too Much Scream Time" is an episode of the Happy Tree Friends internet series and a collaboration with The Crackpet Show video game developed by Vixa Games and published by Ravenage Games. It is a tie-in episode for the Happy Tree Friends Edition downloadable content for the game. This episode, alongside the DLC, was first announced via a trailer published by MondoMedia on August 17, 2023 after the channel gradually teased with Community posts in the weeks prior starting mid-July 2023. The teasers began with a post saying "Happy Tree Friends", then followed by "are going to..." with a teaser image attached a week after, then a 9-second video titled "Come back..." on July 28, 2023, then finally an 8-second video titled "really soon" on August 3, 2023.







Survival rate


The Crackpet Show references

Sharky (left) and Cowie (right) on the "Stay Tuned" teaser image on MondoMedia's Community post.
  • Cowie and Sharky appear as character representatives from the game.
  • Cub is watching a snippet of The Crackpet Show intro where two crackpets are facing Mega Toad.
  • One of Cub's ways to copy the TV show has him fire a plunger. The Mark Gun is a weapon in The Crackpet Show that involves firing a plunger, albeit not via bow like what Cub did.


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