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"The episodes you know and love populated with random fun facts or fiction."
— Official Happy Tree Friends website[1]

BlurB! (also known as Blurbs or BLURB) is a collection of existing Happy Tree Friends shorts from any season. These shorts are distinguished from their original releases by the existence of captions that pop up throughout the episode. A caption can be either about a random fun fact, a reference to media outside Happy Tree Friends, a gag, or simply related to what is currently happening in a given scene. These captions can also extend towards the credits for added amusement value. If a BlurB! episode was released after "A Bit of a Pickle", Truffles may cameo somewhere in the episode. Some BlurB! episodes also feature the recurring but physically unseen Comedy Robot, whose gimmick revolves around binary codes and anti-jokes. Specific to the earlier shorts published in a 4:3 format, the BlurB! version of these shorts end up published in a 16:9 format instead like the later ones since "Wrath of Con".

These modified shorts appear to be inspired by the Special Pop Corn Video, which plays similarly, albeit with different caption graphics involving acorns and the use of the Countryhouse font, which is the show's common font. Ironically, the Popcorn Video itself is not officially considered to be a BlurB! episode, as it is never included in the Blurbs playlist.

The episode "Class Act" is the first short to have a BlurB! version. "Remains To Be Seen" is the last short to have a BlurB! version.

List of BlurB! episodes[edit]

The table below lists all the Happy Tree Friends episodes with a BlurB! version by release date. Some may have the wrong release dates in the current iteration of the official Mondo website, as in copying the release dates of the vanilla episodes (for example, "Shard at Work"). In the Atom iteration of the website up to late 2014, some Blurbs have official description, though a few began to lose the description info when the website changed formats. Some of the Blurbs are also not officially published on MondoMedia's YouTube channel.

Thumbnail Episode Description Release date
Official website YouTube
"Class Act" It’s the timless [sic] holiday classic, BLURBED! With the BLURB version you get all the usual blood and gore with the added bonus of behind the scenes snippets, fun factoids and mindless musings along the way to enhance your episodic experience! December 4, 2009 December 12, 2009
"We're Scrooged!" Blurb strikes again! Cozy up next to a warm fire with a cup of hot coco and enjoy more crazy factoids, random musings and insane chatter about everything and anything all while watching a classic holiday episode! January 5, 2010 January 6, 2010
"Blind Date" When the Mole puts the moves on, everyone gets blinded by love! January 29, 2010 January 30, 2010
"Just Desert" The revenge of Blurb! It’s a one stop-shop for everything that ails you! Sand in your shorts? Blurb! Too hot outside? Blurb! Thirsty? Well, you should really drink some water. But afterwards, BLURB! April 26, 2010 May 20, 2010
"Can't Stop Coffin" - October 8, 2010 October 16, 2010
"Stealing the Spotlight" - December 19, 2010 December 27, 2010
"Wrath of Con" - July 21, 2011 July 22, 2011
"Nuttin' but the Tooth" - April 4, 2012 April 12, 2012
"Eyes Cold Lemonade" When life gives you lemons, make an ice cold glass of blurb-onaid! November 9, 2012 December 13, 2012
"Shard at Work" Find out how many beavers it takes to change a light bulb as well as other fun facts in this Happy Tree Friends – Blurb episode! Well, “facts” is a strong word. How about we say “text” instead. Yeah, that’s more “textual.” December 14, 2012 December 21, 2012
"The Way You Make Me Wheel" Comedy Robot is back and better than ever! It received a recent upgrade and is now maximized for total, unyielding comedy. Prepare your ports for hilarity download… January 9, 2013 N/A
"Take A Hike" Fans voted for a “Take A Hike” Blurb and we deliver! Blurb tags along with the gang as they go hiking out in the wilderness. What could go wrong? February 8, 2013 March 15, 2013
"Let It Slide" - June 27, 2013 June 28, 2013
"Brake the Cycle" - July 11, 2013 July 12, 2013
"All Flocked Up" - August 1, 2013 August 2, 2013
"I Nub You" Find out how many puns we can make in this Blurb episode! Spoilers; the answer is A LOT! September 13, 2013 September 13, 2013
"Something Fishy" - September 30, 2013 September 29, 2013
"Without A Hitch" - October 24, 2013 October 25, 2013
"Swelter Skelter" - December 13, 2013 December 14, 2013
"Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya" - December 27, 2013 January 3, 2014
"Suck It Up" Join Sniffles as he kicks SPRING CLEANING up a notch to the cyber level and see if we can keep the commentary clean in this new BLURB version of “Suck It Up!” How many jokes will suck? Vacuum it up now and decide for yourself. April 11, 2014 April 12, 2014
"See You Later, Elevator" - May 9, 2014 August 9, 2014
"Peas in a Pod" - July 8, 2014 N/A
"Keepin' it Reel" - November 25, 2014 January 21, 2015
"Hello Dolly" - January 8, 2015 N/A
"Read 'em and Weep" - April 29, 2015 N/A
"Icy You" - September 18, 2015 N/A
"Remains to be Seen" - October 27, 2015 October 29, 2015


  • "Nuttin' But the Tooth" is the only BlurB! episode taken from the first season of the Happy Tree Friends internet series. "Hide and Seek" would be included if it did not lose to "Take A Hike" in the poll blog.
  • "Take A Hike" is the only BlurB! episode taken from the Happy Tree Friends TV series.
  • The "Take A Hike" Blurb, as its official description states, was made as a result of fan voting. Mondo once held a poll blog titled "Which Happy Tree Friends Blurb Do You Want Us To Make Next?" on January 9, 2013. Other episodes considered include "Eye Candy", "Hide and Seek", "I Get a Trick Out of You", "Keepin' it Reel", and "Out On A Limb", which all lost to "Take A Hike".
    • Among the losing episodes, though, "Keepin' it Reel" eventually got its own BlurB! version.
  • The BlurB! version of "We're Scrooged!", "Blind Date", and "The Way You Make Me Wheel" are no longer available on the official Mondo website since the late 2014 revamp. The BlurB! version of "We're Scrooged!" and "Blind Date" are still officially available on YouTube, though.

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