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Crazy Ant-ics
DateJanuary 28, 2000[1]
Febuary 28, 2007 (YouTube)[2]
March 25, 2009 (Atom)[3]
July 4, 2013 (YouTube, HD)[4]
Production number104[citation needed]
Writer(s)Warren Graff
Rhode Montijo
Kenn Navarro
Director(s)Rhode Montijo
The Ants
PreviousHelping Helps
NextHavin' A Ball

"Crazy Ant-ics", written as "Crazy Antics" on the official Mondo Media website and YouTube or "CrazyAnt-ics" in the Classics Remastered version, is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Happy Tree Friends. This episode is the first to introduce Sniffles and the Ants that torment him when he tries to eat them. Unlike other Season 1 internet episodes, "Crazy Ant-ics" was animated in 10 frames per second instead of 8.[5] Another release is animated even faster at 12 frames per second.


Happy Tree Friends website and YouTube: Just a snifflin’ anteater out for a friendly lunch.[3][6]

Happy Tree Friends website (Giggles Episode Guide): Brainy anteater Sniffles doesn't quite use his head when digging in this particular ant hole. His tasty treat turns ugly when the ants take their revenge. Do you notice what is hidden in the ant hole? Be wary of hidden treasure![7]


Sniffles is walking along thinking of math when he sees an ant hill and puts his long tongue inside for a snack, disturbing a family of ants in the process. Sniffles then feels something on his tongue and it turns out to be the ants pinning Sniffles' tongue down to the table. He tries to remove his snout but fails. The ants now shave his tongue with a cheese grater and squirt lemon juice on it, making it sting. Sniffles begins tugging on his ears in pain as the mother ant saws his tongue in half. An ant chucks a gasoline container down his throat and lights it, making his head explode. The episode ends with an ant cheering.


"Buckle up for safety!"



  • After Sniffles swallows a gasoline container and the ants light it, his upper half explodes.


  • Sniffles' tongue is pinned down using a stake by the ants.
  • Sniffles' tongue is then shaved by a cheese grater and then lemon juice is squirted on it, making it sting.
  • Sniffles' tongue is partially cut in half with an electric saw by the ants.

Survival rate[edit]

  • Amount of surviving main characters: 0
  • Amount of dead main characters: 1
  • Total rate: 0%


  • The ants pin a stake to the table.
  • The table is cut in half by an electric saw.

Quick shot moment[edit]

When the ants are hammering down Sniffles' tongue, a brief shot of the mother ant manning the electric saw is seen.

Animation errors[edit]

  • In the introduction of Sniffles, the bush disappears. (fixed in the DVD and the Classics Remastered edition)
  • The ants, their table, and their weaponry are not seen when Sniffles is lowering his tongue down the hole or when the fire builds up to Sniffles' head.
  • In the Classics Remastered version, after Sniffles puts his tongue in the hole, a bone on the left side magically appears.
  • The table is cut with an electric saw, however, it appears unbroken in the next scene with it.


Main article: List of Crazy Ant-ics staff

Rhode Montijo and Aubrey Ankrum created the episode while John Evershed was the executive producer.

Altered and deleted scenes[edit]

There are a few differences between the episode's storyboard and the final product. In general, Sniffles was designed with mouth under his snout instead of at the tip despite his tongue coming out of his snout, while the ants were designed closer to a realistic ant and were not given any distinguishing features.

  • Scene 1-2: An ant was supposed to be seen crawling back into the ant hill just as Sniffles was passing by. This is not shown in the episode proper.
  • Scene 7 and 10: Sniffles was supposed to be on all fours when he puts his tongue into the ant hill. After breaking into the ants' home, he was even shown sitting. In the episode proper, he stands the whole time.
  • Scene 8-9: The ants' sitting formation had each ant on each side of the table. The episode proper has the mother ant on the left side and her children on the back side.
  • Scene 16 and 23-24: Three deleted scenes. Scene 16 had an ant use a knife after grating Sniffles' tongue, while scenes 23-24 had a close-up of Sniffles' face looking at the ant with the gasoline in front of him.

Differences with the Classic Remastered version[edit]

The underground layout in the original version.
The underground layout in the Classics Remastered version. Note the additional bone near the center.

The Classics Remastered version has a slightly different underground layout during the scene where Sniffles' tongue is traveling down to the ants' home. The layout is stretched wider and modified due to the increased resolution, leaving a new blank space which is then filled with an additional bone. An animation mistake also results in the addition of another bone on the leftmost side of the underground, which the original version did not have. Some objects also end up placed differently because of the altered layout. On the surface, the trees are spaced further apart also to take account of the wider resolution.

In the credits, the voices list in the Classics Remastered version is mistakenly reused from "Helping Helps", which lists Dana Belben and Rhode Montijo.


  • The idol can be seen underground during the scene where Sniffles' tongue is traveling down the ant hill. It is placed near the fossil of a dinosaur's head. This marks the idol's first appearance in Happy Tree Friends.
  • The original YouTube release of this short is blocked in Russia[8]. The Classics Remastered version is exempt from this block.


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