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Party Animal
DateMay 13, 2005 (TV)[citation needed]
December 5, 2006 (TV series DVD)[citation needed]
April 2, 2009 (Mondo, in parts)[citation needed]
April 2, 2009 (YouTube, "Lesser of Two Evils)[1]
May 29, 2009 (Mondo, full)[2]
May 30, 2009 (YouTube, in parts)[3][4]
November 5, 2013 (Complete Disaster DVD)
Production numberHTFS010
Writer(s)Kenn Navarro
Ken Pontac
Warren Graff
Director(s)Kenn Navarro
PreviousAnd the Kitchen Sink
NextIpso Fatso

"Party Animal", also known as "Party Animals" on the storyboard, is the first segment of "Lesser of Two Evils" from the Happy Tree Friends television series. This is the first television episode to feature Flippy. The episode is about Flaky and her friends preparing a birthday party for Flippy in her house.


Happy Tree Friends website and YouTube:

Surprise, happy birthday Flippy! (Part 1)[5]

Watch how Flippy cuts loose at his party! (Part 2)[6]


The friends throw Flippy a surprise party. Flippy loves surprises!


Flaky is making Flippy's cake when Nutty tries to take one of the chocolate chips Flaky will use for the cake, who stops him. She proceeds to eat a piece of a peanut from a shell. Her face and body begin to swell. While Nutty initially shows concern for her, he eats the chocolate chips for the cake. The scene cuts to a hospital where Lumpy cures her. Mime on a unicycle offers a peanut to Flaky, to which Lumpy hits the bag. Flaky's friends eventually complete the party and turn the lights off for Flippy. He enters Flaky's house, to which the lights eventually turn out. This startles him at first, but Flippy is in relief when he sees his friends.

Flaky offers Flippy a large knife to cut his cake. Flippy looks at his reflection in the knife, briefly flipping out, only for him to snap back. Then, Nutty tastes the sugar he was pouring into the punch ball earlier. He becomes energetic and turns into a tornado. His tornado grabs the peanuts that Mime was about to eat. The peanuts then land in Flaky's mouth, which causes her to swell up again, popping the balloons around her.

Flippy soon gets flashbacks from his war experiences due to the balloon sounds resembling gunshots. Flippy then flips out and kills his first victim, Toothy, by slicing his face like a cake. He then wraps a balloon around Cuddles' neck and floats to a ceiling fan, slicing him into pieces. Flippy's next victim is Mime, who is trying to grab a peanut from a blender. Flippy plugs in the blender's plug, which Mime's arm gets stuck in. Flippy then pushes him into the blender, turning into a bloody liquid. Sniffles tries to hide in an apple-bobbing barrel though Flippy finds him due to his snout popping out of the water. Sniffles attempts to hold his breath while Flippy stabs the barrel with knives. Sniffles avoids the knives though Flippy throws him outside the house into a tree.

The Mole (who was trying to put a pin on a donkey poster while wearing a blindfold) then proceeds to stab Flaky in her eye, popping her. This shocks Flippy and reverts him back to normal. Flippy proceeds to grab a blender with Mime's fluids and drinks it. He enjoys it, only to get an allergic reaction from Mime with his lips swelling up.[7]


"Life's a Party and everyone is invited!"



  • Flippy slices Toothy's face off.
  • Flippy ties balloons to Cuddles' neck. They float Cuddles to a ceiling fan, cutting him into pieces.
  • Flippy carves Nutty's skin while he is spinning around.
  • Flippy plugs in the blender Mime puts his hand in, which gets stuck. He pushes him into the blender with his parts being liquified.
  • After Sniffles hides in the barrel, Flippy stabs several knives in the barrel and rolls it outside. Sniffles dies once the barrel hits the tree.
  • Flaky explodes when The Mole pins her eye. Her death is offscreen.
  • The Mole dies from the quills and is pinned to the wall after he kills Flaky.


  • Flaky gains an allergic reaction every time she eats peanuts.
  • Flippy receives a similar allergic reaction after he eats Mime's remains.

Survival Rate[edit]

  • Amount of surviving main characters: 2
  • Amount of dead main characters: 7
  • Total rate: 22.2%


  • Flippy kicks over the table during the party when he flips out.
  • Many balloons got popped when Flaky inflates the second time. Many more balloons pop when the fan kills Cuddles.
  • The fan tears Cuddles' slippers.
  • The barrel containing Sniffles breaks.
  • Sniffles' glasses break when he dies.
  • The Mole's turtleneck, part of his glasses, and a chair are impaled by Flaky's quills after she explodes.

Animation errors[edit]

  • When Flippy's page turns to the main episode, the page under is briefly Flaky's starring intro.
  • The refrigerator has some inconsistent positions when Flaky is making the cake.
  • When Nutty is about to eat the chocolates for the first time, he has two lollipops on both sides of his face when he only has one for the rest of the episode.
  • Flaky's philtrum is not on her nose properly during the scene where Nutty is about to eat the chocolates.
  • The candy cane on Nutty's body changes positions many times.
  • Nutty's lazy eye changes locations many times.
  • The Mole's mole gets flipped during a few scenes. It even changes during a continuous shot.
  • Flippy's beret gets flipped whenever he turns around.
  • When Flippy slices off Toothy's face, both his sliced face and the rest of his face on his body, have pupils, indirectly having four pupils as a result.
  • The cord Flaky uses to plug in the blender is green, but when Flippy plugs it in, it is purple.
  • When Sniffles tries to hide from Flippy, his pocket protector is on the left side of his chest but switches right when he hides in the barrel.
  • The barrel is initially near the window of the house, but it appears in the middle when Flippy is searching for Sniffles.
  • There are some inconsistencies during the scene where Flippy is searching for Sniffles.
    • Cuddles' remains are not present.
    • The blood on the fan after Cuddles' death is not present.
    • Toothy is lying sideways rather than backward, as his death scene showed.
    • Even though Mime was liquefied when Flippy pushed him into the blender, his body has later shown to be intact.


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"Party Animal" is written by Kenn Navarro, Ken Pontac, and Warren Graff and is storyboarded by Tom Price.

Altered and deleted scenes[edit]

There are a few differences between the episode's storyboard and the final product. In general, the storyboard has Sniffles depicted with his mouth under his snout as typical for his storyboard design and Toothy wrongly drawn with normal buckteeth instead of his large gapped ones.


  • This is the first television episode where Lumpy survives.
  • This episode is one of the few in which Lumpy is not responsible for any deaths.
  • When The Mole dies, the pin lands on the donkey poster in the correct spot.

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