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Species Anteater
Episode Count
First appearance Happy Tree Friends - Crazy Antics (2000)
Latest appearance
First Victim
First Death
Latest portrayal Liz Stuart

"Science is seriously satisfying!."
— Sniffles's starring intro, Season 3 of Happy Tree Friends

Sniffles is a major character in the Happy Tree Friends franchise. He is a blue anteater with a long snout and large glasses. He is consistently shown to have extraordinarily high intelligence, but he sometimes lacks common sense. In several episodes, he is pitted against a recurring family of The Ants who often assault him in sadistic and exceptionally gruesome manners. Sniffles made his debut in Crazy Ant-ics. Since then, he has become a prominent character in the series.

Concept and creation[edit | edit source]

Before his official appearance in the series, Sniffles was originally concieved to be a squirrel wearing large glasses. However, this didn't stick, and he was eventually redesigned into an anteater. [1]

History[edit | edit source]

Happy Tree Friends[edit | edit source]

Sniffles made his debut in Happy Tree Friends in the episode, "Crazy Antics". Since then, he has become a major character in the series, playing vital roles in most episodes he has appeared in. At first, Sniffles was originally designed as nothing more than a recurring adversary for The Ants, since his character otherwise relied on the stereotypes associated with 'nerds'. It wasn't until the episode Happy Trails Pt. 2 - Jumping The Shark that Sniffles demonstrated his ability to invent advanced machinery.

Starring intros[edit | edit source]

  • Season 1: Sniffles looks at the viewer with an intrigued expression.
  • Season 2: Sniffles is in a light blue forest, holding a book.
  • Season 3 through Season 4: Sniffles is doing a chemical science experiment with two potions.

Happy Tree Friends (television series)[edit | edit source]

Sniffles appears in the television series adaptation of Happy Tree Friends. His first appearance is in the "One Foot in the Grave" episode, The Wrong Side of the Tracks. His prominence has increased even further, as Sniffles ranks as the character with the second-highest number of starring roles.

Starring intros[edit | edit source]

  • Season 1: Sniffles uses a magnifying glass to show the baby ant.

Arcade games[edit | edit source]

Fire Escape[edit | edit source]

Sniffles is one of the characters Flaky must catch in order to land in the ambulance.

Happy Tree Friends: Run and Bun[edit | edit source]

Sniffles is an obstacle in this game. He is seen driving an ambulance. If the player runs into him, the player will be killed.


Sniffles plays a role as a supporting protagonist in the game's story. Sniffles, while he and other characters are stranded on an island, comes up with an idea to slingshot themselves to safer land. He, alongside the others, suggests Giggles goes first. If Giggles dies and the player fails the game or the player succeeds, a game over screen will pop up and Sniffles will be seen holding an organ.

Happy Tree Friends: Aggravated Asphalt[edit | edit source]

Sniffles play a role in the game as an obstacle. If Flippy's evil side runs into him, Sniffles will be sliced in half and killed.

Happy Tree Friends: Deadeye Derby[edit | edit source]

Sniffles makes an appearance in this game as a boss for two sections. Firstly, the tutorial, and secondly, as the first boss. For the tutorial, he functions as if he was a normal opponent. As a boss, however, he differentiates himself from a normal character. For the first phase of his fight, he'll seal himself into a glass and the player must slingshot it enough times to shatter the glass. Once it's destroyed, Sniffles is now vulnerable. Sniffles will now summon tiny machines that will shoot the player with lasers. The player can shoot them before they release their amino. Once he has been defeated, one of the machines will shoot a laser at him, slicing off the front of his body.

Biography[edit | edit source]

General information[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sniffles can be described as a geeky anteater interested in scientific practices. Most often, he is shown constructing machinery for various reasons. However, his inventions frequently backfire and usually result in the deaths of himself or others. Sometimes, Sniffles is portrayed as a mad scientist, such as the instance where he is mixing fluids while laughing mischievously in Sniffles' Science Smoochie. He usually says "Ah Ha!" when he gets an idea for an invention. Even though Sniffles hold a remarkable IQ, he has the unexplained tendency to observe deaths with a disinterested expression and quickly overcome them.

Despite his trademark ability to create machinery, he constantly makes impulsive errors. In I've Got You Under My Skin, Sniffles implements a timer in his shrinking submarine that determines how long he can stay microscopic. Because the submarine was designed to enter Giggles' body as long as necessary, this is shown to be a defective feature. Despite having the opportunity to do so, Sniffles doesn't rewind the timer to give himself more time. In Party Animal, while Sniffles was previously seen fleeing the area after Toothy was killed by Flippy, it is unknown what he was doing during Cuddles, Nutty, and Mime deaths, as he was later shown seemingly idle until jumping in shock once the camera revealed him. Trying to hide from Flippy, he jumps into a barrel filled with water. Unfortunately, this predicament forces him to give away his hiding spot by jutting his snout out of his water in order to breathe. Flippy catch notice of this and proceeds to kill Sniffles by imprisoning him inside the barrel, stabbing it with many knives, and rolling it down a hill.

Physical information[edit | edit source]

Sniffles is a blue anteater with a long snout and pointy ears.

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