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First appearanceHappy Tree Friends - House Warming (1999)
Latest appearanceHappy Tree Friends - Just Be Claus (2016)
Latest portrayalEllen Connell [citation needed]

Petunisis a main character in the Happy Tree Friends franchise. She is a blue skunk who has Obsessive–compulsive disorder, which gives her the instinct to clean up any mess she encounters. Petunia has been a major recurring character since her debut in House Warming. She is often shown to be Giggles' closest friend.

Concept and creation[edit]


Happy Tree Friends[edit]

Petunia has made numerous appearances in the main internet seasons of Happy Tree Friends since her debut. The first episode to have Petunia in a major role was "House Warming", where Handy constructs a treehouse for her. This is also the first instance where Handy and Petunia interacted in a prominent light. Afterward, Petunia is most often shown as Giggles' closest friend and was mainly portrayed as a childish Happy Tree Friend. Her most prominent role occurred in "Hello Dolly". where she discovers the Idol and takes it home, leading to the death of bystanders and eventually herself.

After the television series, Petunia has made less prominent appearances. However, the episode "I Nub You" places extensive focus on Petunia. In this episode, she loses her arms and as a consequence, is left with bandaged nubs. However, Petunia falls in love with Handy after noticing a similarly in their physical impairment. She proceeds to go on a date with him, until they are mutilated by pinsetters. After their injury, Lumpy sews them together along with his arms. Petunia's pet bird then flies into the scene and grabs the sew that is keeping them intact, unravelling them until they broke apart into pieces.

Starring intros[edit]

  • Season 1: Petunia waves her right hand.
  • Season 2: Petunia appears in a dark blue background. She is depicted waving with one hand.
  • Season 3 through Season 5: Petunia is planting flowers with a watering can sitting next to her.

Happy Tree Friends (television series)[edit]

Petunia has made several appearances in the television series of Happy Tree Friends. Her first appearance was "The Wrong Side of the Tracks". Petunia generally plays a supporting role in most episodes of the television adaption. However, she is given a major role in the episode "Wishy Washy", where it is discovered that Petunia is a neat freak who has an obsessive urge to clean up messes and organize items. This character trait stuck with Petunia and has been prominently displayed in several episodes afterward.

Starring intros[edit]

  • Season 1: Petunia stands behind a bush, waving, and flowers around her and the bush starts to die.

Arcade games[edit]


General information[edit]


Petunia behaves like a stereotypical little girl who enjoys feminine activities, such as tea parties, running lemonade stands, and playing with dolls. She is friendly and enjoys hanging out with other characters. She also often show romantic tendencies around male characters, though not to the extent of Giggles. In the first and second seasons of the internet series, Petunia and Giggles had identical personalities. However, ever since the television series, Petunia is shown to be a neat freak. She has obsessive-compulsive disorder, giving her the necessity to clean up or organize any mess she encounters. According to the Collect Them All section, Petunia showers five times a day. Whenever Petunia does see a mess or notices an item is unorganized, she will hyperventilate and exhale into a paper bag to calm herself down. However, Petunia doesn't appear to be bothered when she drinks contaminated water in "Take A Hike".

Physical information[edit]

Petunia has indigo blue fur with a sky blue marking on her forehead. She also has an abdominal and tail marking that is colored similarly. In earlier seasons, the marking on the back of Petunia's head wasn't decided and often changed appearance or disappeared completely. By the television series, it was consistently drawn as a triangular stripe. Additionally, Petunia's tail was much bigger in internet season one and internet season two, though it was shrunken down considerably starting with "The Wrong Side of the Tracks". She wears a pink flower on the top of her head and a Little Tree around her neck. She is rarely seen without these accessories, with the most common examples occuring in her deaths.

Other outfits and designs[edit]

There are sometimes errors where she has no flower or tree necklace, mostly to fit her in other outfits.



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  • According to the Favorite Character poll in 2003[1], Petunia was tied with Cuddles, Nutty, Flaky, and Giggles for having 6% votes, putting all of them below Lumpy (16%, second place) and above Toothy, Handy, Pop, and Cub (all at 4%). In the Best Happy Tree Friends Character tournament, she beat Cro-Marmot on Round 1[2] only to lose against Handy on Round 2.[3]