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Species Chipmunk
Episode Count
First appearance Happy Tree Friends - Spin Fun Knowin' Ya! (1999)
Latest appearance Happy Tree Friends - Blood Donor (2016)
First Victim
First Death
Latest portrayal Ellen Connell [citation needed]

Giggles is a main character in the Happy Tree Friends franchise and a pink chipmunk wearing a red bow. She made her official debut in Spin Fun Knowin' Ya!, but appeared in the unreleased pilot, Banjo Frenzy as a blue squirrel. She is often depicted as the love interest of several characters, primarily Cuddles. As the first female character introduced in the series, Giggles is portrayed as an outgoing chipmunk who is usually associated with feminine activities, such as tea parties. Making her debut in the series' first episode, Spin Fun Knowin' Ya!, Giggles is the second most recurring character in the Happy Tree Friends series behind Lumpy.

Concept and creation[edit | edit source]

After Cuddles and Shifty were created, the creators conceived more characters to fill up the show's cast. Giggles was one of the characters thought of and she went through many alternative design changes. The earliest known concept of Giggles was as a blue squirrel character, a form she pertains in the pre-released short Banjo Frenzy. Another concept was thought of, where her appearance was closer to the final design, which depicts her wearing a swimming tube that resembles the Loch Ness Monster and roller-skates. [citation needed] Both of these traits were cut, however. When she was implemented into the show, Giggles still had a few disparities from her finalized appearance; She did not possess the distinguishable stripe on her forehead and had not bared any visible teeth, with the exception of a few frames. However, after the first episode, her next appearance features both her prominent marking and buckteeth.

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Happy Tree Friends[edit | edit source]

Giggles first appears in the Happy Tree Friends in the episode, "Spin Fun Knowin' Ya". Since then, alongside the other three characters who were established during the aforementioned episode, she has appear very frequently.

Starring intros[edit | edit source]

  • Season 1: Giggles holds both her hands
  • Season 2: Giggles is in a pink background, posing with her hands on her waist.

Happy Tree Friends: Homerun[edit | edit source]

Giggles is a character who appears within the game. Giggles is a character the player can hit with a bat.

Happy Tree Friends: Flippy's Flying Frenzy[edit | edit source]

Giggles is a selectable character in this game, where she is one of three characters the evil side of Flippy could drag with his helicopter. In the opening cutscene, with Toothy and Cuddles, Giggles was blowing and inflating balloons, which would pop soon after. This caught Flippy's attention and caused him to flip out.

Happy Tree Friends: Spin Fun[edit | edit source]

Giggles is a character Lumpy can spin off of the merry-go-round.

Happy Tree Friends: Bloody Money[edit | edit source]

Giggles is one of the victims Lifty and Shifty can torment for cash. When the player bounces Giggles into the various hazards, she will bleed drops of her blood, which the player must catch to receive points.

Happy Tree Friends (television series)[edit | edit source]

Giggles appear in the television series adaptation of Happy Tree Friends. His first appearance is in the "One Foot in the Grave" episode, "The Wrong Side of the Tracks". She makes various significant appearances but her role somewhat diminishes, as she gets overshadowed by Cuddles.

Starring intros[edit | edit source]

  • Season 1:Giggles ice-skates in a wintery forest.

Arcade games[edit | edit source]

Fire Escape[edit | edit source]

Giggles is one of the characters Flaky must catch in order to land in the ambulance.

Disco Inferno[edit | edit source]

Giggles is one of the characters who cheer on Disco Bear within the background. In the title screen, she is seen joyfully roasting her marshmallow on a stick.

Hot Potato[edit | edit source]

Giggles is one of the characters who appear within the game as a witness of the grenade. If the player fails to keep the grenade airborne, it'll explode, killing the characters, including Giggles.

Strandead[edit | edit source]

Giggles is the playable character of the game. In this game, she is tested for a slingshot invented by Sniffles to escape the island the characters are stranded on. The height of Giggles strongly depends on how far the player gets Giggles on the distance.

Stay on Target[edit | edit source]

Giggles is one of the selected characters the player can select. Giggles is put onto a target wheel and the player must hit mini targets, avoiding Giggles while doing so

Happy Tree Friends: Aggravated Asphalt[edit | edit source]

Giggles appear as an obstacle in the good Flippy's mode. If Good Flippy runs into her, his meter for when he'll flip-out will increase.

Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm[edit | edit source]

Despite not having a role in the episode of the same name, he is a typical rescuable character in the video game, Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm, alongside Flippy, Nutty, Toothy, Flaky, Mole, and Russell. Lumpy needs to help aid her and the other Happy Tree Friends in every zone.

Happy Tree Friends: Deadeye Derby[edit | edit source]

Giggles is one of the playable characters of the game, and one of the two that is unlocked by default. She grants the player the ability to replenish extra health when health kits are obtained.

Biography[edit | edit source]

General information[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Giggles is a cheerful and ebullient chipmunk with a friendly demeanor. Her personality is reminiscent of a stereotypical young female, as her interests typically include having tea parties with Petunia, frolicking through flowers, and showing a romance with males. Giggles has shown affection regarding the male characters, as she is most prominently seen dating, hugging, and kissing her love interests. In the episode "Every Litter Bit Hurts", Giggles is shown to be very protective of the environment and will become enraged if somebody recklessly pollutes it. Unlike most characters, Giggles is primarily shown as good-natured and careful. Giggles is sometimes played as the hero who fights against Lumpy for a good cause, as shown in "Every Litter Bit Hurts" and "Dunce Upon A Time". Despite this, Giggles is somewhat vulnerable and has been kidnapped by an antagonist on several occasions, leading to other characters having to rescue her instead.

Physical information[edit | edit source]

Giggles is a pink chipmunk with a red bow and a lavender blush-colored stripe on her forehead. She also has a prominent marking on her abdomen of similar color. To signify her feminine nature, Giggles is drawn with eyelashes. Aside from her stereotypical bow, Giggles does not wear any clothing by default, though she has worn complete outfits in a few episodes. While Giggles is a chipmunk, she doesn't have a visible tail; the creators mitigated this by stating her tail's unusual absence is because of its tiny size. [citation needed]

Other outfits and designs[edit | edit source]

In Ski Patrol, Giggles has a slightly different shape. Her limbs are rather cubical and she is drawn with circular pupils.

In Cubtron Z, Giggles is designed in a stop-motion setting. Her model was fabricated with cardboard.

In the episode, "New Season Teaser", Giggles is illustrated in the nature of the same art style as Dick Figures as a pink stick figure. She was also drawn with visible breasts.

Occupations[edit | edit source]

Giggles has been a girl scout in You're Bakin' Me Crazy, a lemonade stand co-owner in Eyes Cold Lemonade, Gems the Breaks, and Milk Pong, a waitress in Concrete Solution, an environmentalist leader in Every Litter Bit Hurts, a Christmas play actress in Class Act, a genie in As You Wish, a nurse in A Change of Heart and Chew Said a Mouthful, a receptionist in Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow, an explorer in Idol Curiosity, a carol singer in Kringle Karols, Deck the Halls, and We Wish You, a student in Something Fishy, and a swimmer in By The Seat Of Your Pants.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Friends and love interests[edit | edit source]
Cuddles and Giggles holding hands.

Cuddles is close friends with Giggles, and the two even have some romantic interactions together. He spends the entirety of The Carpal Tunnel of Love attempting to woe her in numerous ways. They also shared a kiss in a reference to Lady and the Tramp as zombies in Remains to be Seen. However, some episodes depict the two as nothing more than friends. When directly asked about the topic, Kenn Navarro responded that the relationship is only used when needed for an episode's story. Giggles has also been seen with other characters, which backs up Kenn Navarro's answer.

Giggles has been occasionally seen hanging with Toothy. They appear to be on great terms with each other. In Class Act, Giggles was very fond of Toothy's singing. In Blast from the Past, she comforts him after he injures his arm. Also. after Sniffles time travels for the first time, they are seen holding hands, along with Lumpy and Cuddles, sprinting and singing as they do so. She also sat next to Toothy, and Nutty, at the theaters in Happy New Year. Toothy was also one of the five characters that she mourned in Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark. Despite how they are often seen with Cuddles and Lumpy, they rarely interact with each other alone.

Giggles is often seen with Lumpy, despite their opposite intelligence and personalities. Most of the time, Lumpy provides a caretaking role for Giggles; the two would often play together on playgrounds. They are also seen as co-workers in the episodes where they are portrayed as physicians, such as A Change of Heart. Occasionally, she has been under the role of a damsel for Lumpy to rescue, such as The Wrong Side of the Tracks. Sometimes, she shows a certain romantic interest in Lumpy, such as in Wipe Out!. However, despite their mostly positive relationship, she has been exasperated by Lumpy many times. In Every Litter Bit Hurts, she's angered by how Lumpy carelessly pollutes the environment and constantly shouts at him.

Petunia and Giggles resting at a beach.

Giggles and Petunia are shown to be very close friends. In quite a handful of episodes, they would partake in activities together, such as tea parties. The two are so well bonded, that there's hardly a conflict within the relationship, if at all. The two characters would also tend to hang out with their respective significant others together. In Eyes Cold Lemonade and Gems The Break, they run a lemonade stand together.

Handy and Giggles are good friends. Giggles is one of the few characters Handy does not hold disdain for, as all of their interactions are positive. In Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping The Shark, Giggles is seen resting her head on Handy's shoulder. In Concrete Situation, Giggles serves Handy, in which the latter politely charms at the former when she runs out of sugar. In Home Is Where the Hurt Is, Handy builds Giggles a new home. Giggles, in response, hugs Handy.

As does Cuddles, Giggles isn't exactly fond of Nutty. They do partake in activities in Remains to be Seen, I Get a Trick Out of You, and Mime to Five together, however. Back to the flip-side, in Class Act, Giggles is horrified at the discovery that Nutty ate a proportion of Sniffles' torso and the candy cane costume, thinking it was an actual sweet. In Dunce Upon a Time, Giggles and Nutty are shown to be living together in poverty. Giggles annoy and reluctantly impartial with Nutty after he had bought jellybeans from Lifty and Shifty in exchange for their cow. In this particular episode, the nature of their relationship is unclear. For positive interactions, In Concrete Solution, after serving Nutty his pancakes, she gives off a flirtatious tease expression while placing his syrup to pour onto his pancake. In Happy New Year, Giggles sits next to him, and Toothy, at the theaters. In The Wrong Side of the Tracks, she is seen walking to Lumpy's carnival with Nutty.

Giggles and Sniffles are very close friends. They go exploring together in Idol Curiosity, they both work together to rid the lake of trash in Every Litter Bit Hurts, and they both go on a haunted ride together in Boo Do You Think You Are?. She is also evidently horrified and saddened over his death in the said episode and does this reaction again in See You Later, Elevator. She also attempts to rescue Sniffles from Giant Lumpy in Dunce Upon a Time.

Giggles and Pop do not interact too much. Giggles' only significant interaction with Pop is in Every Litter Bit Hurts, in which Pop is hired by Giggles to clean Lumpy's environmental crimes. She was also impressed by Pop and Cub's Christmas lights in Stealing the Spotlight. In Wingin' It however, Giggles gets visibly annoyed at Cub hitting her seat with his toy airplane and Pop does nothing to stop him.

Giggles and Cub are often seen together in activities. However, Giggles' only direct interaction with Cub is in Wingin' It, in which Cub bangs his toy airplane on Giggles' seat and wakes her up, frustrating her. She also briefly interacted with Cub in Cubtron Z as she and Petunia are picked up and smashed against a building. Both characters also planned to eat a Christmas dinner together in Kringle Feast. She was also impressed by the Christmas lights Pop and Cub made in Stealing the Spotlight.

Flaky and Giggles appear to be close friends. Flaky, Sniffles, and Giggles are on a ride together in a haunted house at a fair in Boo Do You Think You Are?. Later on, they are seen in an exploration team lead by Sniffles in Idol Curiosity. They both also went trick-or-treating, with Lumpy tagging along in Out of Sight, Out of Mime and in This Is Your Knife they went camping with Cuddles. In Dunce Upon a Time, Giggles tries to rescue Flaky from Giant Lumpy. Interestingly in Royal Flush, when Flaky is embarrassed about coming in, Giggles, along with Petunia and Lammy, felt awkward and somewhat confused about it first. However, she quickly shrugs it off and encourages Flaky to come in and play poker with them.

The Mole is a friend of Giggles and her lover in other episodes. In Blind Date, Giggles was suppose to go on a date with him but The Mole's blindness lead to him taking Lumpy out instead. In Cold Hearted, after Toothy interrupts Giggles' date with Cro-Marmot, she is then seen going out on a date with The Mole. Giggles is visibly tearful over The Mole's death in Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark. Giggles and The Mole sit next together at a circus Mime to Five. However, Giggles also nearly gets run over by The Mole in Spare Tire. In Every Litter Bit Hurts, Giggles hires The Mole to help clean the lake. At the end of the episode, however, The Mole unknowingly uses the trash pick she gave him to pierce her heart out of her chest, killing her.

Giggles impressed by Russell's ukulele playing.

Russell and Giggles seems to be close friends. In Sea of Love, they are on a date on a rowboat in the ocean. They had their second date in You're Kraken Me Up, only this time they are interrupted by a giant squid. In Put Your Back Into It, Russell serves her Disco Bear's cooked head. Both characters also held hands together in Class Act.

Giggles is a particularly close friend with Mime. Giggles was attracted to Mime when he bought a purple wig in Easy Comb, Easy Go. Giggles has also cried over Mime's deaths in See You Later, Elevator and Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark. Giggles also attempted to rescue Mime from Giant Lumpy in Dunce Upon a Time. They had also planned to gult a meal with Petunia in Who's to Flame?.

Giggles is good friends with Cro-Marmot. In Snow What? That's What!, Giggles chases after Cro-Marmot after accidentally throwing a snowball at him and causing him to slide off a cliff. In Cold Hearted, she goes on a date with him, but Toothy disturbs their date. She seemed to have dumped Cro-Marmot, as she is later seen with The Mole. Giggles and Petunia kiss him after he won a surfer competition in Wipe Out!.

Like most characters, Giggles is a fan of Splendid and always calls for his help in need. In most of their appearances together, Giggles is the damsel in distress with Splendid's job given to as saving her. In the first instance, which is in Helping Helps, he saves her from a tidal wave but unintentionally decapitates her when he flew towards a tree branch. Giggles is often pleased by Splendid and is always thankful for him rescuing her, though in spite of Splendid always dispatching her in his attempts to rescue Giggles.

Giggles is a friend of Lammy. Lammy and Giggles have interacted in Royal Flush, in which they play poker along with Flaky and Petunia. With Mr. Pickels, before he could kill Giggles, she interestingly acknowledges Mr. Pickels as she notices his body on the table.

Foes and rivals[edit | edit source]
Giggles, Petunia, and Mime taunting Disco Bear about his baldness.

Giggles clearly dislike Disco Bear. While at first, as shown in Disco Bear's debut in Stayin' Alive, Giggles was somewhat friendly towards him when he attempts to hit on Petunia and her, he accidentally spins her into a teapot and tosses Petunia into an electric fence, causing both to hold contempt against him. In later episodes, she is seen rolling her eyes and intentionally yawning at Disco Bear attempts to flirt with her. To the extent of it, despite how Giggles is a very friendly character, she has made fun of Disco Bear on several occasions. In Ipso Fatso, she and Petunia call Disco Bear a square as to mock his weight and Easy Comb, Easy Go, she and Petunia mocks him for his baldness. However, Giggles actually favorited a YouTube video made by Disco Bear in YouTube 101: Subscriptions, with the video involving Disco Bear drinking with a cardboard version of herself. She also tries her absolute hardest to exhaustion and near death to nurse Disco Bear back to health in A Change of Heart, in which the latter had a heart attack.

Like with every other character, Lifty and Shifty are usually seen stealing from Giggles. In Junk in the Trunk, they steal her cat Mittens along with everyone else's pets. In Gems the Breaks, they tie her and Petunia up and steal their profits from selling lemonade. However, they were supposed to eat a Christmas dinner together in Kringle Feast.

Speech[edit | edit source]

Giggles speak in a very feminine and bubbly voice. Most of her words are in gibberish, but she will often speak polite remarks such as "hi" or "thank you".

Deaths[edit | edit source]

Giggles has many deaths, has died in her debut, and rarely survives. However, she has survived in many episodes, giving her the highest survival rate among the characters who die regularly. Most of Giggles' deaths often relate to her chest, being set on fire, getting impaled, and her brain. She is the first victim of Lumpy, Splendid, and Disco Bear, and one of the first victims of Nutty and Toothy. Counting her prototype appearance in "Banjo Frenzy", she would be the very first character to die in the entire series.

  1. Banjo Frenzy: Gets decapitated by Lumpy with his banjo.
  2. Spin Fun Knowin’ Ya: Sliced in half by a piece of wood, and impaled through the chest with the handle.
  3. Helping Helps: Is decapitated by a tree branch when Splendid flies too close to a tree while carrying her.
  4. Stayin' Alive!: Gets impaled by a teapot.
  5. Boo Do You Think You Are: Is sliced in half by a pendulum.
  6. You’re Baking Me Crazy: Has her brain shredded to pieces by an eggbeater.
  7. Snow What? That’s What: Is impaled through the eyes and throat by icicles that fall from a tree.
  8. This is Your Knife: Is strangled by Fliqpy using Cuddles’ intestines.
  9. Happy Trails Pt. 2: Jumping the Shark: Gets stung by a venomous jellyfish and eventually succumbs to hypothermia caused by the venom.
  10. Flippin’ Burgers: Has ketchup and mustard squeezed into her ears.
  11. Class Act: Gets caught in an explosion.
  12. Giggles' Valentine Smoochie:
    1. Flowers: Has her entire brain burst out of her head after sneezing.
    2. Cupid: Is impaled by multiple arrows.
    3. Note: Dies from blood loss after cutting off the tip of her tongue.
  13. Better Off Bread:
    1. Gets the skin on her head torn off.
    2. Presumably falls off a cliff.
  14. Remains to be Seen:
    1. Is hit by Flippy's truck.
    2. Is killed again when zombie Fliqpy’s brain explodes.
  15. Kringle Tree: Has her face accidentally hacked with an axe by Lumpy.
  16. Kringle Feast: Passes out after breathing in a gas leak and gets blown up in an explosion.
  17. Ski Patrol: Has many items shoved into their body, causing them to later burst out along with her internal organs.
  18. YouTube Live Episode: Either killed by Fliqpy or the claw. [citation needed]
  19. The Wrong Side of the Tracks: Get her spine forced out of her neck.
  20. And the Kitchen Sink: Is crushed between Pop's SUV and a chunk of wall.
  21. Doggone It: Is skinned and mauled by Whistle.
  22. Who’s to Flame: Burns to death.
  23. Every Litter Bit Hurts: Has her heart stabbed out with a litter picker by The Mole.
  24. Snow Place to Go: Is crushed by a burning mast.
  25. Mime to Five: Is mauled by killer ducks.
  26. Blast from the Past:
    1. Is crushed by a garbage truck's compactor.
    2. Is tied up by the ropes of a swing set and squeezed to death.
    3. Same death as in Spin Fun Knowin' Ya.
  27. See What Develops: Has her skin and flesh ripped off by Splendid’s speed.
  28. Idol Curiosity: Is crushed by a staircase when the crack in it closes.
  29. Home is Where the Hurt is: Is shredded in half by loose nails after sliding down a stair railing.
  30. Aw, Shucks: Has her brain knocked out by giant popcorn.
  31. Letter Late Than Never: Gets forcefully decapitated by a shrinking sweater.
  32. Wingin' It: Is shredded by a plane's engine.
  33. I’ve Got You Under My Skin: Has her head impaled and brain removed by Sniffles’ shrinking submarine.
  34. Junk in the Trunk: Suffocates to death when Lumpy accidentally puts a poster over her.
  35. Double Whammy pt. I: Has her bones and organs yanked from her body through her eye sockets by a plane's propellers.
  36. The Carpal Tunnel of Love: Is impaled through the back of the head by a pipe.
  37. Wrath of Con: Has her head melted by a lightsaber.
  38. Something Fishy: Is eaten alive by Russell's piranha.
  39. See You Later, Elevator: Is crushed by a detached elevator.
  40. Happy New Year: Has a chandelier fallen ontop of her.
  41. On My Mind: Gets impaled through the head and her brain internally torn apart by Fliqpy with a thorned rose.
  42. Royal Flush: Is sliced to pieces by poker cards.
  43. Claw: Either killed by Fliqpy or the claw. [citation needed]
  44. New Season Teaser: Is stabbed in the chest with a knife by Flippy.
  45. Breaking Wind: Is impaled by numerous sharp objects and then gets decapitated by a shovel.
  46. All in Vein: Is crushed between Lumpy's hand, flattening her.
  47. By the Seat of Your Pants: Is stabbed in the back by Fliqpy.
  48. You're Kraken Me Up: Is beheaded by a giant squid.
  49. Buns of Steal: Is cut in half a piece of metal from a delivery truck
  50. Cubtron Z: Has her head splattered against a building by Cubtron.
  51. Spare Tire: Is cut into separate pieces by traffic signs (however, she is revived by Sniffles in a hospital).

Debatable Deaths[edit | edit source]

  1. Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna be Ya!: Is buried in an avalanche.
  2. Stealing the Spotlight: Is burned to death due to the heat released by Lumpy’s Christmas lights.
  3. Kringle Karols: Burns alive when the candle she's holding falls on her, lighting her head on fire.
  4. From Hero to Eternity: Gets half of her head incinerated by lava and falls off a cliff.
  5. Gems the Breaks: Is hit by a massive wave of Splendid’s vomit, along with Petunia.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to the Favorite Character poll in 2003[1], Giggles was tied with Cuddles, Nutty, Flaky, and Petunia for having 6% votes, putting all of them below Lumpy (16%, second place) and above Toothy, Handy, Pop, and Cub (all at 4%). In the Best Happy Tree Friends Character tournament, she beat Lammy on Round 2[2] only to lose against Mime on Round 3.[3]