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Cub's Christmas Smoochie (also known as Pop & Cub Holiday[1], or simply Christmas Smoochie on YouTube) is a Smoochie revolving around Pop and Cub, though mostly the latter. It was available on the Happy Tree Friends website, but it would eventually be removed with the website now redirecting to MondoMedia's [citation needed]. The only official remnants of the game currently are videos that show the options and the .swf file that was still in the old version of the website. As its name suggests, this Smoochie's theme is Christmas.

The non-interactive version was released on Mondo's official website and YouTube on December 3, 2008. Thus, not counting the re-released versions of the 2003 era Smoochies, this is the very last Smoochie to be published.


Cub discovers that theres no time like the present to get your Christmas gift![2]


  • Cub babbles.
  • Cub laughs happily.


Gift 1[edit]

Cub will grab a bottle and a bubble wand to blow a big bubble. The bubble will then trap him and cause him to suffocate, at which point it will burst. Pop will lower his newspaper to check on his son. Thinking Cub is just asleep, Pop will resume reading his newspaper.

Gift 2[edit]

Cub will grab a hula hoop and begin to spin it around his waist. Pop will lower his newspaper and be impressed by the sight. He will then throw more hula hoops at his son before resuming to read. The many hula hoops will eventually go out of control and cut through Cub's body as they are sent flying away, mutilating him to pieces. Pop will continually throw more hula hoops at his son's remains, oblivious of the latter's death.

Gift 3[edit]

Cub will grab a top and push its button to make it spin. He will then place his finger close to the toy, causing the skin on his arm and half his head and body to be ripped off. The top will then move and end up impaling itself on Cub's body, alerting Pop. Pop will then futilely perform CPR on his dead son, which will only make the latter's body to spin in place as the former just pushes the button on the spinning top.



  • Cub suffocates after being trapped in a big bubble in the Gift 1 option.
  • Cub's entire body is mutilated into pieces by the hula hoops in the Gift 2 option.
  • Cub is impaled by the spinning top in the Gift 3 option.


  • Cub's arm and half his head and body have their skin ripped off by the spinning top in the Gift 3 option.


  • Cub's Christmas Smoochie is the only Smoochie to star more than one character and said additional character is not a cameo.
  • Cub's Christmas Smoochie is the only Smoochie to feature more than one object nearby the character(s) by default outside of idles. In this case, Cub is surrounded by gift boxes and a Christmas tree, while Pop is sitting on his couch reading a newspaper. As comparison, Pop's BBQ Smoochie has Pop standing by a grill and Halloween Smoochie has Disco Bear standing by a door.
  • "Gift 1" is the only option without any blood or gore in this Smoochie.

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