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Flaky's Baseball Smoochie (known as Flaky Baseball in Happy Tree Friends: Second Serving and in the 2009 version[1] or simply Flaky Smoochie on YouTube) is a Smoochie revolving around Flaky. It was available on the Happy Tree Friends website, but it would eventually be removed with the website now redirecting to MondoMedia's [citation needed]. The only official remnants of the game currently are videos that show the options and the .swf file that was still in the old version of the website. The theme of the Smoochie is baseball-related.

The non-interactive version was released on Mondo's official website on August 12, 2009 and on YouTube on May 22, 2009, earlier than the former. Clip #1 (Catch) of this version was released as a standalone video on YouTube Shorts on April 7, 2024, followed by clip #2 (Bat) on April 12, 2024 and then clip #3 (Gum) on April 19, 2024.



You've just adopted a Happy Tree Friend of your very own!

Love it to death![2]


Be sure to wear protective gear for this baseball game![3]


  • Flaky nervously waves at the viewer and chuckles.
  • Flaky waves a foam finger and laughs nervously.

Smoochie choices[edit]


A catcher's mitt will fall on the ground. Flaky will look at it before she is hit in the eye by a thrown baseball. Blood will gush out from her injured eye like a fountain before it stops and then a catcher's mask will fall on her face.


Two bats, one wooden and one metal, will fall on the ground. Flaky will pick up the metal bat after disapproving the dilapidated-looking wooden bat. Lightning will strike her while she is playing with the metal bat, burning her entire body into a crisp. A thrown baseball will then disintegrate her entire upper half.


A pack of gum will fall on the ground and Flaky will unwrap it. She will throw away the included baseball cards and chew the gum. She will then blow a big bubble, which pops and covers her entire face, suffocating her.



  • Flaky is hit by a thrown baseball in the eye in the Catch option.
  • Flaky is struck by lightning in the Bat option.
  • Flaky suffocates from the gum covering her entire face in the Gum option.

Notable mistakes and errors[edit]

  • The 2009 re-release version has the three buttons not disappearing properly after an option is picked, meaning the viewer can interrupt one scene with another, and not reappearing after they are clicked. The "Reset" button remains working properly, but if all three options have been picked, there will be nothing left to click on, requiring the application to be reset to restore all the three buttons.
  • Flaky's nose disappears after the catcher's mask falls on her face in the "Catch" scene.
  • In the "Gum" scene, Sniffles' baseball card is suddenly layered over the other two cards after Flaky falls on her back when it was supposed to be underneath them.
  • Also from the "Gum" scene, Flaky's mouth remains quivering in the 2009 re-release version after she has suffocated from the gum.

References in later media[edit]

  • VeVe Happy Tree Friends — Series 1: An NFT of Flaky has her chewing gum, similar to what she does in the smoochie.



Cuddles' baseball card without the silhouette effect.
  • Cuddles, Sniffles, and Lumpy are the silhouetted characters on the baseball cards in the "Gum" scene. The graphics actually have the "Advanced" color style[note 1] applied over them, which in this case sets all of them entirely blue. Removing this modification allows the viewer to see what the original graphics looked like underneath, including instances of re-used graphic assets to represent baseball equipment and body parts.
    • Cuddles (pictured) is covered in Flaky's cheeks and has Flaky's red arm as his right arm. The entire graphic is also originally mirrored compared to how it is used in the Smoochie itself.
    • Sniffles' arms also re-use Flaky's without any hand graphics. The Smoochie's "Reset" button is also hidden underneath his head and arms.
    • Lumpy is the least off-model, with the only oddity being the use of a single "pointing" hand to represent his gripping hands. The cap he is wearing is shown to be an entirely flat blue graphic shaped like a baseball cap.
  • The blurb text on the 2003 interactive version is re-used from Cuddles' Pet Smoochie. This is shared with Toothy's Easter Smoochie (acorn frame version), Pop's BBQ Smoochie, and Sniffles' Science Smoochie.
  • Like Cuddles' Pet Smoochie, Nutty's Party Smoochie, and Sniffles' Science Smoochie, the 2009 re-release will have the Smoochie automatically play the first option ("Catch") without any audio after the viewer waits through Flaky's two idle animations.

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  1. In Macromedia/Adobe Flash, an object grouped under either Movie Clip/Button/Graphic can be modified via the Color drop-down in the Properties tab. The Color drop-down can be used to modify the object by Brightness, Tint, Alpha, or Advanced, the latter of which allows complete control over color and alpha choice for the effect via its own Settings button.


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