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Mime's Olympic Smoochie (also known as Mime Olympics[1]) is a Smoochie revolving around Mime. This is the first Smoochie to be published after the TV airing of Happy Tree Friends, thus this is the first Smoochie to adapt the TV series' art style. It was available on the Happy Tree Friends website, but it would eventually be removed with the website now redirecting to MondoMedia's [citation needed]. The only official remnants of the game currently are videos that show the options and the .swf file that was still in the old version of the website. This Smoochie was published in commemoration of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, so the theme is Olympic sports.

The non-interactive version was released only on YouTube on August 15, 2008.


This year’s games are going to be killer![2]


  • Mime pulls an imaginary rope, only to stumble and release it.
  • Mime performs the invisible wall routine.

Smoochie choices[edit]

Hammer Throw[edit]

A sports hammer will fall on the ground and Mime will pick it up and throw it, only for it to bounce off and hit his face.


A pair of running shoes will fall on the ground and Mime will hop into them. A hurdle will then fall near him. Mime will start running, but the untied shoes will cause him to trip into the hurdle, cutting off the top part of his head. Mime will then attempt to crawl towards said part of his head until the bar of the hurdle itself falls on him, cutting his body.


A long barbell will fall on the ground and Mime will lift it. A bird will fly onto it, causing imbalance which Mime can thankfully correct himself from. Two bigger birds will then fly onto it. The added weight will cause the barbell to fall straight through Mime, cutting his body in half vertically.



  • Mime's face is crushed by the sports hammer in the Hammer Throw option.
  • Mime is cut by the hurdle bar in the Hurdles option.
  • Mime is cut in half by the barbell in the Weights option.


  • Mime's Olympic Smoochie is the only Smoochie whose non-interactive video version is not available on the official Mondo website.
  • Among the post-TV series Smoochies, Mime's Olympic Smoochie is the only one to be not a tie-in to a holiday.
  • True to Mime's character, no voices are heard in this Smoochie, thus making it the only Smoochie whose audio only consists of sound effects.

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