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Sniffles' Science Smoochie (known as Sniffles Science in Happy Tree Friends: Second Serving and in the 2009 version[1] or simply Sniffles Smoochie on YouTube) is a Smoochie revolving around Sniffles. It was available on the Happy Tree Friends website, but it would eventually be removed with the website now redirecting to MondoMedia's [citation needed]. The only official remnants of the game currently are videos that show the options and the .swf file that was still in the old version of the website. The theme of the Smoochie is science-related.

The non-interactive version was released on Mondo's official website on May 15, 2009 and on YouTube on May 16, 2009.



You've just adopted a Happy Tree Friend of your very own!

Love it to death![2]


Always having your nose in the books may not be such a good idea![3]


  • Sniffles reads a book.
  • Sniffles readjusts his glasses.

Smoochie choices[edit]


A jetpack will fall on the ground. Sniffles will put it on and prepare to lift off, only for the jetpack to fly upwards without him, tearing his arms off in the process. Sniffles will eventually collapse from blood loss before the jetpack comes back down on his body.


A huge magnet will fall on the ground and Sniffles will pick it up. The magnet will end up stuck around his waist, attracting various metal objects (an iron, several nails, and a pair of scissors) that also hurt him. Sniffles will be then finished off by an iron beam impaled on his body. A bicycle will also be drawn into him for good measure.


Sniffles will mix two chemicals together and pour some of the mix on an apple, making it grow into a size taller than Sniffles himself. He will then drink the remaining mix himself, which unfortunately will only result in his internal organs growing. Some of the organs will burst out of his stomach and eventually crush him.



  • Sniffles dies from blood loss after having his arms torn off by the jetpack and is crushed by said jetpack in the Jet option.
  • Sniffles is impaled on an iron beam after the nails and scissors injured him in the Magnet option.
  • Sniffles is crushed by his super-sized internal organs resulted from drinking his chemical mix in the Mix option.

Notable mistakes and errors[edit]

  • The 2009 re-release version has the "Reset" button not appearing after the "Mix" scene ends.
  • Sniffles is not depicted with his pocket protector in the entirety of "Mix".



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