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DateMarch 31, 2009[1]
DeveloperChristian Gull[2]

Tightrope-A-Dope (stylized as TIGHTROPE-A-DOPE) is a Happy Tree Friends Flash game published on the Mondo website. This game revolves around Lumpy walking on a tightrope while dealing with bad weather.


The Amazing Lumpy is performing his death-defying, high wire act to thrill and delight his audience. Unfortunately, Lumpy’s act didn’t include bad weather.[3]


Tightrope-A-Dope gameplay, moments before bad weather starts.

Tightrope-A-Dope is played with a mouse. After clicking on Lumpy to begin the game proper, moving the cursor on either side of Lumpy will make him tilt towards that direction as he walks on the tightrope. As the description mentions, bad weather is the main obstacle in this game. Once it starts, four buckets magically appear on Lumpy's balance pole. The rainwater filling the bucket(s) will influence Lumpy's balancing, requiring careful mouse movement to adapt. The filled bucket(s) can also spill out on their own. If Lumpy tilts to either side too much, he will fall off the tightrope and, upon landing on the ground, get impaled by his own balance pole before he is fried by lightning strike.


Playable Character
Image Name Description
Lumpy The Amazing Lumpy is the main character in this game. As he walks on a tightrope, the player has to help him keep his balance while dealing with bad weather.



  • Lumpy ends up impaled by his own balance pole if he fell off the tightrope. Afterwards, he is fried by lightning.

Differences from Lumpy Artist[edit]

Lumpy Artist, a Happy Tree Friends Flash game produced by Christian Gull that serves as the basis for Tightrope-A-Dope.

The game is a remake of the previous fan game Christian Gull created titled Lumpy Artist. There are a few differences in comparison between the two.

  • To start the game proper, the player has to click Lumpy's hat.
  • In Lumpy Artist, Lumpy's eyes look straight ahead at the viewer (instead of downwards in Tightrope-A-Dope) and he has human-like four-toed feet (also shown after getting zapped by lightning). His grip on his balance pole also shows his fists facing down instead of up. His balance pole is lighter in color.
  • Lumpy is given an entirely different, high-pitched voice in Lumpy Artist.
  • During the game over scene, when the impaled Lumpy gets struck by lightning, the electricity flows through the balance pole first. His blackened body lacks the blood pooling underneath him from the impalement and has visible fire burning on it. His antlers and cape also end up burned off. Voice-wise, after falling, he merely screams just as he is about to get impaled.
  • Distance is traveled in steps instead of feet.
  • The featureless, silhouetted background characters are present in the game over scene.
  • The background music in Tightrope-A-Dope is a proper Happy Tree Friends soundtrack unlike Lumpy Artist.



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