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Happy Tree Friends: Aggravated Asphalt
DateJuly 11, 2014 (Amazon)[1]
July 28, 2014 (Mondo)[2]
DeveloperTreSensa, Inc.[1]
PublisherTreSensa, Inc.

Happy Tree Friends: Aggravated Asphalt was a Happy Tree Friends video game developed by TreSensa, Inc. This game is an online endless runner that plays similarly to Subway Surfers where the player controls where Flippy runs on one of the three lanes while avoiding obstacles and picking up power-ups. This game is no longer playable on Mondo Media's official website. This game has an Android release that is only available from Amazon App Store. For this version, it requires a minimum Android operating system version of 2.3.3.


Help Flippy through various obstacles along this really long road. Like seriously how does this mailman do it. But the game isn't about the mailman. Mailmen go through snow and rain, but Flippy needs your help to go through bikes and hot dog carts! Collect up-grades such as the spring, magnet, feather, and, of course, the grenade. But beware! If you collect enough grenades, he’ll turn evil. Try not to hit any of the other Happy Tree Friends characters in his flashback mode! Or hit them. Your call.[1]


The second panel of the story

Flippy is spending his time working out outside. While jogging on the street, he passes by Toothy, who unknowingly drives his bicycle into a nail. The bicycle tire's popping sounds like an explosion. Flippy almost flips out before he realizes it was just a nail, but Toothy ends up launched into nearby trash cans where he gets decapitated. Among the garbage is a pineapple, the shape of which reminds Flippy of a grenade. He still manages to resist and jog away only to realize in horror that the park is filled with many objects strewn about the street.


Happy Tree Friends: Aggravated Asphalt has the player navigate Flippy through the park filled with obstacles.

Aggravated Asphalt utilizes the keyboard's arrow keys on the web version. Flippy runs on his own, but the player can move him between one of the three lanes by using the left and right arrow keys. Pressing the up arrow key will make Flippy jump, while pressing and holding the down arrow key will make him slide. Obstacles litter the lanes and the player has to make Flippy either switch lanes, jump over low obstacles, or slide under certain obstacles to avoid them. Hitting an obstacle will reduce Flippy's health indicated by a red meter under his icon on the HUD. If the meter was depleted, the game is over and displays the player's score based on Flippy's travel distance (in FT).

Other than obstacles, the player will also encounter some coins and power-ups that Flippy can collect. Coins are used to revive Flippy whenever the player gets a game over, but only if the player chooses to do so. It costs 100 coins to revive him with 25% of his health meter and 300 coins to revive him with full health. Power-ups give advantageous effects like bonus coins and temporary powers like higher jumps and slower run speed. The game will notify the player of incoming power-ups via a text pop-up from the bottom of the screen.

Aggravated Asphalt has two types of levels. The standard level is the park the game takes place in, where Flippy has to avoid various everyday objects like bikes, hot dog carts, and other things as well as the occasional Giggles and Mole. The other level, which is the flash back, is activated by having Flippy pick up three grenades at the park level, which flips him out. The flash back level takes place in a ravaged village filled with war-related objects like military vehicles, duds, among others. The obstacle characters present in this level are Cuddles and Sniffles, who can be killed by running into them. Unlike the park, the flash back has a definite end marked by a giant, smiling "good" Flippy face, after which Flippy returns to normal and the game resumes at the park level.


For the web version, the control layout as shown below is provided by the in-game instructions:


Image Name Description
Flippy The playable character in this game. He runs on his own, but the player can make him switch lanes, jump, or slide. He flips out if he collected three grenades, which will throw him into a flash back level where he runs through a ravaged village while holding a Bowie knife.
Giggles and Mole Obstacles in the park level.
Cuddles and Sniffles Obstacles in the flash back level. They can be killed with Flippy's knife by having him run over them.
Toothy The cycling character that only appears in the game's intro comic.


The table below lists non-character obstacles in both levels.

Park Flash back
  • Bike
  • Car under repair
  • Hot dog cart
  • Hurdle
  • Ladder
  • Safe
  • Tall wood[note 1]
  • Traffic light
  • Trash can
  • Barbed hurdle
  • Captive skeleton
  • Dud
  • Log[note 2]
  • Military car
  • Skeleton
  • Stakes
  • Three-wheeled motorcycle


The table below lists all available pick-ups in Aggravated Asphalt.

Image Name Description
Coin A common collectible used for the game's continue system. Upon getting a game over, if the player has at least 100 coins, the game will offer the player to use 100 coins to revive Flippy with 25% health or 300 coins to revive him with full health.
Feather Temporarily slows down Flippy's running speed to provide a bigger window for him to dodge obstacles. This item is usually placed before a group of obstacles placed too close together to be dodged at normal speed.
Grenade An item placed apart from one another. Collecting one will put Flippy closer to flipping out as reflected on his HUD. It takes three grenades for him to flip out, which turns the park level into the flash back level until Flippy reaches the "throwback" point marked by a giant smiling Flippy face.
Magnet Temporarily draws nearby coins and piggy banks to Flippy so they can be picked up easier. This item is usually placed before a large number of coins or piggy banks placed close together.
Piggy bank Picking one up will add 27 coins to the coin count.
Spring Temporarily allows Flippy to jump higher so he can clear tall obstacles, though this also puts him at risk of hitting the traffic lights (park) or logs (flash back). This item is usually placed before a row or two of obstacles too tall for Flippy to jump over and he can not slide under.



  • Toothy is decapitated upon falling into trash cans in the game's intro comic.
  • Cuddles and Sniffles can be killed by having the flipped out Flippy run into them.
  • Flippy dies if his health meter got completely depleted from hitting obstacles.

References to earlier Happy Tree Friends works[edit]

  • "Double Whammy": In the game's intro comic, Flippy once again sees a pineapple as a grenade. He also manages to resist flipping out from that.

Pre-release and unused content[edit]

The game's level sprite sheets contain objects that are never generated in either level. The park level has the fire hydrant and the tire, while the flashback level has the army backpack (with army hat and goggles) and sacks with a shovel.


Happy Tree Friends: Aggravated Asphalt was rated 3.2 out of 5 on Amazon. Reception among customer reviews are divided between finding the game fun and considering it too slow or lacking in entertainment value. Newer players also brought up the issue of the game being unplayable due to Mondo Media's communication with TreSensa's servers being broken.[1]

Bugs and glitches[edit]

  • If the player gets a game over, switches to another window/tab, then back to the game, which now shows a pause menu, clicking "RESUME" will resume the game in the background. This will play the background music if it is enabled and Flippy can still "crash" into obstacles, which causes a screen-shaking effect even in the game over screen.


Audio samples[edit]


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Notes and references[edit]


  1. This object is separate from the park level sheet as its own file named obs_tall_wood.png
  2. This object also exists as a separate sprite from the flash back level sheet as its own file named log.png