Happy Tree Friends: Flippy's Flying Frenzy

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Happy Tree Friends: Flippy's Flying Frenzy
Date2005 [citation needed]
DeveloperDaydream Software AB
PublisherKiloo ApS

Happy Tree Friends: Flippy's Flying Frenzy was a Happy Tree Friends cellphone game developed by Daydream[1] and published by Kiloo[2] under license by Signatures Network[3].


Cuddles, Giggles, and Toothy are blowing up balloons when Flippy arrives on the scene. Three of the balloons pop, flipping him out.


The instructions as provided in-game are as follows:

Flying wild with Flippy!

Flippy goes crazy when the popping balloons remind him of the war.
Flippy takes his victim - either Cuddles, Toothy or Giggles - and ties to his helicopter.

You must steer Flippy's helicopter through his warzone. As you fly through the warzone your goal is to hit obstacles with your victim, damaging them as much as possible. Be aware, most of the obstacles can damage and crash Flippy's helicopter also.

Control the helicopter with the fire-button or the '5' key. When these are pressed down, Flippy's helicopter will move upwards, otherwise the helicopter will loose height on its own.

As an extra bonus you get a 'combo' if you hit 3 or more obstacles in a short period of time. The stars in the top of the screen show the combo score.

Good luck!


Flippy carrying Cuddles into hazards.

The game revolves around Flippy's evil side killing either Cuddles, Giggles, or Toothy while he rides on his helicopter with the victim hanging from it. Flippy has to inflict damage on the victim to earn points. The player can also drag the victim on the ground, but doing this does not reward any points. Having the victim hit multiple hazards within a short timeframe (starting with three hits) will fill up the stars on the top part of the screen, with a max of 5 stars. The more stars, the more score earned from the combo. The bar on the bottom of the screen tracks the level's progress. After completing a level, new hazards appear. Flippy has to dodge the hazards, or he loses a life and gets sent back a bit from where he crashed. Flippy can also lose a life if he hits the ground. Flippy starts with five lives and can gain an additional two every level clear.

The game also has a Practice Mode that allows the player to practice their run on any of the unlocked levels. Clearing them will not unlock the next level if they have not unlocked it yet and will not allow the player to record their high score.

While unlock progress is saved, the player has to start a new game every time they get a game over or quit mid-game.


This lists all the hazards the player can encounter in this game. Unlocked hazards are not added to the levels prior to the ones where they are unlocked.

Level Unlocked Name
1 Rock
1 Spikes
1 Knife
1 Powerlines
2 Birdie
3 Torch
4 Trap
5 Laser
6 Battery
7 Steam Iron
8 Bonfire
9 Grenade
10 Acid Lake
11 Battering Ram
12 Fan
13 Tripwire
14 Barbwire
15 Fireworks
16 Buzzsaw
17 Flame Thrower
18 Talisman



  • The hazards kill the victim.


  • Before dying, the hazards hurt the victim.
  • Flippy is hurt in his helicopter if he touches a hazard.

Notable mistakes and errors[edit]

  • Flippy's beret changes locations in the introduction and during gameplay.
  • Toothy has the same buckteeth as Cuddles and Giggles despite typically having longer ones.


Audio samples[edit]


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The default highscore screen, featuring names of other Happy Tree Friends characters.
  • The poses for the "Select victim" screen are the same ones used in their Smoochies.
  • Despite not physically appearing in the game, Lifty, Shifty, Flaky, Sniffles, Petunia, Nutty, The Mole, Pop, and Splendid's names appear in the scoreboard.
  • The only hazard the player can not inflict damage to the victim with is the powerlines, which are always placed on the topmost part of the level to keep the player from staying there often. The battering rams are also always placed the same way, but the player can still injure the victim by carefully maneuvering above them when they swing.


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