Disco Inferno

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Disco Inferno
DateMarch 31, 2009[1]
DeveloperChristian Gull[2]

Disco Inferno is a Happy Tree Friends Flash game published on the Mondo website. This game involves Disco Bear showing off on the dance floor while picking up cool beats and avoiding flaming notes.


Disco Bear sure does love to shake his groove thang! Strut Disco-Bear around and catch the cool beats. Beware the broken, flaming notes. Try to be king of the dance floor before your time on stage is up![3]


Disco Inferno gameplay.

The game is played with a mouse. Disco Bear will move around the dance floor according to the mouse movement. As the 140-second timer ticks down, music notes rain down the play field. Disco Bear can pick up the "cool beats" for points, but hitting the broken flaming notes will gradually damage him. The game ends either after the timer ran out or after Disco Bear hit six flaming notes.


Image Name Description
Disco Bear The center of attention on the dance floor and the character controlled by the player.
Other Happy Tree Friends The other Happy Tree Friends present on the dance floor are Nutty, Petunia, Giggles, and Cuddles. They dance in the background, only stopping when Disco Bear dies.


Image Name Description
Cool beat The glowing light blue notes Disco Bear can collect. Worth 100 points each.
Flaming note The broken red notes that are always on fire. These damage Disco Bear if he danced through them, taking out one of his six lives per hit.



  • Disco Bear's head is split open after getting damaged by six flaming notes.


  • The flaming notes get stuck on Disco Bear's head after he danced into them.

Differences from Crazy Disco[edit]

Crazy Disco, a Happy Tree Friends Flash game by Christian Gull that serves as the basis for Disco Inferno.

The game is a remake of the previous fan game Christian Gull created titled Crazy Disco. There are a few differences in comparison between the two.

  • In Crazy Disco, Lifty is the main playable character rather than Disco Bear. Disco Bear is instead the disc jockey.
  • The dancers in the background included the ones in the original and Cub, Sniffles, Pop, Lumpy (who has visible nipples, tan, and has an extra misplaced hand graphic behind him[4]), Handy, and a female brown mouse character who is unique to that game.
  • Cuddles and Giggles are dancers between Disco Bear rather than dancing in the background. They both wear glasses and a bikini (despite Cuddles being a male character). Cuddles also sings a compressed quality version of the song "Give It To Me" by Rene & Peran.
  • Instead of flaming beats, disco balls fell from above, which would hurt Lifty, similarly to Disco Bear. Round white objects serve the same role as cool beats. When they are collected, they make the same sound effect as the coins in Super Mario Bros.

Prerelease and unused content[edit]

The unused frame depicting a dead Lifty that remains in Disco Inferno.

An unused frame depicting a dead Lifty (with some of Disco Bear's graphics underneath it) from Crazy Disco is still in the files of Disco Inferno.


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