Hare Trigger

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Hare Trigger
DateNovember 23, 2008[1]
DeveloperMondo Studios

Hare Trigger is a Happy Tree Friends Flash game published on the Mondo website. Cuddles's cannonball scene from "Mime to Five" serves as the basis for the game's premise, which involves firing him from the cannon as far as possible.


Hare Trigger gameplay, showing Cuddles already fired out of the cannon.

Hare Trigger is played using the keyboard. At the start of the game, the player can angle the cannon Cuddles is in by pressing the up or down arrow key. If the player is ready, pressing the space bar will start the cannon's firing sequence, indicated by the moving bar at the bottom left corner of the screen. The dark blue part of the bar determines how powerful the cannon blast will be - the more of the bar is filled with it, the more powerful. Pressing the space bar again at this point will launch Cuddles. His trajectory is determined from the cannon's aim and blast power.

As Cuddles flies through the air, he will bounce off the ground, gradually with reduced airtime until he is unable to bounce any longer. Bouncing off trampolines or balloons will send him higher, thus allowing him to stay on the air longer. The player can also use the limited Blasts for the same effect by pressing the space bar after Cuddles is launched, though the player is only given two to use every new game. The player can recharge it by hitting gun powder barrels. However, Cuddles can be interrupted entirely when he lands on either the ducks or the shovel, killing him and thus ending the game immediately regardless of whether he can still bounce any further.

After the game over, distance traveled for the current play session will be displayed, as well as the furthest distance recorded from the player.


Image Name Description
Cuddles The rabbit pulling a cannonball stunt. The player controls his cannon's aim and blast power to pull this off, though in the process tearing his body in half.
Toothy The beaver tasked with litting the fuse on the cannon that will launch Cuddles.
Lumpy The moose managing his circus where Cuddles's stunt takes place at. Only appears on the title screen.


Image Name Description
Trampoline Ground-bound object. Cuddles can bounce off one to stay on the air longer.
Wallet on balloons Aerial object. Has the same effect as the trampoline.
Gun powder barrel Ground-bound object. Hitting one will recharge Cuddles's Blasts by one.
Ducks One of the hazards. Landing in the middle of them will cause them to devour Cuddles immediately, ending the game.
Shovel One of the hazards. Hitting one will cause Cuddles's exposed intestines to wrap around its handle, ending the game.



  • Cuddles eventually dies from his injuries once he stops staying on the air.
  • Cuddles is devoured by ducks if he landed in the middle of them.
  • Cuddles's intestines get wrapped around the shovel's handle if he landed on it.


  • Cuddles's body is torn in half after being blasted off from the cannon, with only his exposed intestines still keeping him together.



Ren & Stimpy's Crazy Cannon, the Flash game Hare Trigger is reskinned from.
  • Hare Trigger is a reskin of Ren & Stimpy's Crazy Cannon, the latter of which is developed by AddictingGames. Both games share the same instructions (albeit the third and fourth points swapped around) and gameplay mechanics. The game's file is even called stimpy1.swf if the webpage is inspected. The following are the equivalent terms and objects between the two games:
    • Toothy and Cuddles are stand-ins for Ren and Stimpy, respectively.
    • Cuddles's Blasts function the same as Stimpy's Farts. The only difference being that the player starts off with two Blasts in Hare Trigger compared to Crazy Cannon's one charge of Farts.
    • The trampoline in Hare Trigger is the equivalent of the rubber in Crazy Cannon as both are ground-bound objects that help the character bounce higher. Both games also have balloons as aerial trampolines, with the difference being that the balloons in Hare Trigger hold a wallet, while the ones in Crazy Cannon hold a helmet.
    • The ducks and the shovel in Hare Trigger are the equivalent of the sandbox and the wooden stake in Crazy Cannon. Both are hazards that end the game immediately when hit.
    • The gun powder barrel in Hare Trigger functions the same as the Powdered Toast in Crazy Cannon.
  • Hare Trigger is one of the two Happy Tree Friends Flash games to be a reskin of a Ren & Stimpy Flash game, the other being Aim to Freeze, which is a reskin of Ren & Stimpy's Robin Hoek.