Happy Tree Friends - Double Vision

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Happy Tree Friends - Double Vision
DateJuly 9, 2010[1]
GenreInteractive video

Happy Tree Friends - Double Vision was a Happy Tree Friends interactive YouTube video published on the MondoMedia channel. It is a spot-the-difference game utilizing still shots of various Happy Tree Friends episodes, taking advantage of YouTube's annotation system, itself already used on Happy Tree Friends - Milk Pong. However, since the annotations were retired starting on January 15, 2019[2], this game is no longer playable.


The following blurb is displayed over a modified video of "A Sight for Sore Eyes" before the demonstration clip:

It's time to

challenge your mind

and test your eyes

Get ready to play

Happy Tree Friends

Double Vision


An example level demonstrating how to use the annotations to find the difference in this shot from "A Bit of a Pickle". In this case, the difference is that Mr. Pickels is missing his hat.

The game was played using YouTube's annotations system. The player is given two images from one of the Happy Tree Friends episodes, with the image on the right side having one difference compared to the left. Choices were displayed in a 3x3 tile formation of annotations overlaid on said right-hand image, and clicking one of them would lead the player to an unlisted video determined based on whether they picked the correct answer or not. The video's length acts as the game's timer, meaning the player can still fail if they did not click any of the annotations when the video is about to end.


When this game was first released, there were only six levels, but by popular request, new levels were added on September 10, 2011.[3]

Level Episode Image description Difference
1 "I Nub You" Handy sitting at the end of the bowling lane. Handy's hammer is missing from his tool belt. (center-bottom)
2 "Something Fishy" Sniffles doing the Vulcan salute during a school play. There is an extra hanging rope. (top-right)
3 "Letter Late Than Never" Lumpy looking at the box the sweater for Giggles was for. Different pink box position. (center-right)
4 "Aw, Shucks!" Cuddles driving up to the railroad crossing. Bigger sign shadow. (center-left)
5 "Chew Said a Mouthful" Nutty riding away with Toothy's gurney. Thicker cement crack. (bottom-center)
6 "Operation: Tiger Bomb" Mouse Ka-Boom holding a bomb. A tear on one of the bandages on Mouse Ka-Boom's ear is missing. (bottom-left)
7 "See You Later, Elevator" Cuddles, Giggles, and Mime inside a malfunctioning elevator. Cuddles's uvula is missing. (center)
8 "Swelter Skelter" Lifty and Shifty sitting on the swings, sweating. There is an extra drop of sweat on Shifty's head. (center-right)
9 "Remains to be Seen" Lumpy trying to push down a zombified Nutty's limbs back into the ground There is an extra finger below Lumpy's hand. (center-bottom)
10 "Can't Stop Coffin" Cuddles drowning in a water-filled coffin. The bubble in the center is slightly bigger. (top-center)
11 "Without a Hitch" Flippy reaching down his duffel bag as Flaky nervously glances while driving. Truffles added in as cameo. (center or bottom-center)
12 "From A to Zoo" Sniffles smiling in front of the baboon's cage. One of the blue stripes on the baboon's nose is missing. (top-center)


  • The game could be easily cheated by hovering over an annotation and checking where the URL will lead to. If the URL is a different one compared to the other annotations (except for Level 11, which accepts either one of the two correct tiles due to Truffles's placement), that annotation is the correct one.


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