Aim to Freeze

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Aim to Freeze
DateDecember 21, 2009[1]

Aim to Freeze is a Happy Tree Friends Flash game published on the Mondo website. The short "Strain Kringle" serves as a basis for the game.


Have a ball escalating the arms race in this cold war. Show “snow” mercy because revenge is a game best served cold![2]


Aim to Freeze gameplay from Toothy's side.

The game gives the player a choice of "1 Player" or "2 Players". In "1 Player", the player controls Toothy, while Lumpy, the opponent, is computer-controlled. The "2 Players" mode is on a single screen and device, with the second player controlling Lumpy.

The game uses a mouse. Move the cursor to decide on where to aim the player's snowball. Click and drag the cursor to decide the Stretch power, after which releasing the mouse button will make Toothy or Lumpy throw the snowball, where the snowball lands are determined by the throw Angle and Stretch power. Hitting the opponent with the snowball will add one point to the thrower's win count. If the opponent is hurt three times, he will freeze and then shatter, ending the game. The opponent's position is random every round. Other than the opponent, there are buckets of water that freeze any snowball thrown into them, giving the character that pulled it off another chance to throw using the frozen snowball. If this snowball hits the opponent, he will die immediately regardless of how many hits he received prior.


Image Name Description
Toothy The beaver with long teeth represents player one. He faces right and always stands underneath a tree (with Cuddles looking out with a telescope) and behind a snow fort.
Lumpy The moose with mismatched antlers representing player two and Toothy's opponent. In "1 Player", he is computer-controlled. He faces left.
Cuddles The rabbit looks out from a tree branch above Toothy. He does not impact gameplay whatsoever.



  • If Toothy was hit by a normal snowball three times, he gets frozen, then his upper body breaks into pieces.
  • If Lumpy was hit by a normal snowball three times, he gets frozen, then his upper body breaks into pieces.
  • If Toothy was hit by a frozen snowball, his upper body is immediately destroyed, leaving only his lower torso, feet, and tail.
  • If Lumpy was hit by a frozen snowball, his upper body is immediately destroyed.

Prerelease and unused content[edit]

A sample of unused Ren & Stimpy's Robin Hoek sprites remaining in the game.

Aim to Freeze is a reskin of Ren & Stimpy's Robin Hoek, which shares the same gameplay. Decompiling the Flash file for Aim to Freeze shows unused sprites from Robin Hoek. Toothy and Lumpy are stand-ins for Ren and Stimpy respectively, the snowballs replace arrows, and the water buckets replace the torches. Despite this, there are still differences:

  • In Robin Hoek, the torches are placed behind the characters, while the water buckets are placed randomly on the playfield in Aim to Freeze.
  • Robin Hoek has chickens as another type of ammo by hitting one on the playfield with the arrow. Aim to Freeze has no such equivalent.



  • This is the first official Happy Tree Friends Flash game to support multiplayer.

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