Spin Fun

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Spin Fun
Date2005 [citation needed]
DeveloperDaydream Software AB
PublisherKiloo ApS

Spin Fun (or SpinFun) was a Happy Tree Friends cellphone game developed by Daydream and published by Kiloo[1] under license by Signatures Network.[2] This game is based on the episode "Spin Fun Knowin' Ya!".


From the Instructions provided in-game:

Time to try out the merry-go-round at the playfield!

Lumpy is ready to spin the animals - something might just happen if he spins the merry-go-round too fast.


Gameplay demonstration by Kiloo.

The player can pick either Giggles, Cuddles, or Toothy to be placed on the merry-go-round, which is spun by Lumpy. To spin the merry-go-round, press the left joystick or tap the "4" key repeatedly. This fills a gauge on top of the screen that will determine the power of the launch, which is done by pressing the fire button or the "5" key. After the Friend is launched, he/she will bounce a few times, taking damage from items scattered around the playfield if he/she hits them. The more damage inflicted, the higher the score. Certain items can bounce the victim further for more chance of scoring. Once the victim stops moving, the game is over.

The player can watch the replay upon getting a game over by picking "Show replay".


This lists the items that can be found around the playfield. The player starts with only a few items, but can unlock more by getting enough minimum required score using specific victims in one play session. Unlockable items are character-specific, meaning an unlockable item associated with a certain character will not appear if the chosen victim is any other character (e.g. no crocodiles will appear if the chosen victim is not Giggles).

Name Power Bounceable? How to unlock
Tire - Yes Available at start
Stone No Available at start
Cinder block No Available at start
Broken bottles No Available at start
Anvil No Available at start
Bear trap Yes Available at start
Sea mine No Available at start
Beehive No 15000 points with Cuddles
Acorn branch No 15000 points with Giggles
Mixer Yes 15000 points with Toothy
Electric fence Yes 10000 points with Cuddles
Crocodile Yes 10000 points with Giggles



  • Cuddles, Giggles, or Toothy succumbs to his/her injuries.
  • Cuddles, Giggles, or Toothy is blown up by the sea mine if he/she landed on it.


  • Cuddles, Giggles, or Toothy gradually gains injuries from flying into damaging items.

Notable mistakes and errors[edit]

  • Though Giggles's head marking is correctly drawn during gameplay, she remains without her marking like her original "Spin Fun Knowin' Ya!" appearance in the menus.
  • Like in "Spin Fun Knowin' Ya!", Giggles lacks buckteeth when her mouth is closed.
  • The victims' ear holes remain visible when they face backwards.
  • Certain expressions will result in Toothy being depicted with normal buckteeth.



The default Highscore listing.
  • The default Highscore listing features the names Flippy, Lifty, Shifty, Flaky, Sniffles, Petunia, Nutty, The Mole, Pop, and Splendid. The default listing's used victims, from top to bottom, form a pattern of Giggles, Cuddles, and Toothy, though due to the top 10 ranking system, Giggles appears four times compared to the other two characters' three.
  • Despite being released in 2005, the featured characters mostly retain the same appearance as in "Spin Fun Knowin' Ya!" itself, meaning Toothy has the two stray hairs on top of his head.
  • The obstacles/items around the playfield have preset placements and are finite in amount. It is possible for the victim to be bounced far enough that he/she ends up going past the item draw limit, no longer able to score points as he/she just bounces throughout the itemless area until the game is over.
  • The player name input only accepts capital letters, no spaces, and a maximum of seven characters, making the default Highscore names impossible to replicate.