Going Overboard

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Going Overboard
DateMarch 31, 2009[1]
DeveloperChristian Gull[2]

Going Overboard is a Happy Tree Friends Flash game published on the Mondo website. This game involves balancing Petunia on a lifesaver in the middle of the sea for as long as possible.


Avast, Mateys! The Happy Tree Friends have been forced to abandon ship over dangerous waters while sailing the high seas.[3]


Going Overboard gameplay.

The game is played with a mouse. Petunia is balancing on a lifesaver, and she gradually tilts to either side. By moving the mouse, the player can move Petunia left or right to reorient herself. If Petunia tilts to either side too much, she will end up eaten by a shark.

The objective of the game is to keep Petunia balanced for as long as possible.


Image Name Description
Petunia The blue skunk trying to balance on a floating lifesaver. The player can move her left or right to reorient herself.
Other Happy Tree Friends Russell and Cro-Marmot are background characters in this game. Russell is seen trying to balance on a piece of wood, while Cro-Marmot just floats on the surface.



  • Petunia is torn apart by a shark if she fell into the water.

Notable mistakes and errors[edit]

  • Petunia's tail is missing when the shark bites her, even though it is properly drawn when she is being thrashed about.

Differences from Petunia Balance[edit]

Petunia Balance, a Happy Tree Friends Flash game produced by Christian Gull that serves as the basis for Going Overboard.

The game is a remake of the previous fan game Christian Gull created titled Petunia Balance. Petunia's death is even reused from Petunia Balance, complete with the same "tailless" animation error. There are a few differences in comparison between the two.

  • There is a timer and the "Best" record in Petunia Balance.
  • Petunia balances on an upscaled rubber ducky (to represent swimming tube) instead of a lifesaver. She also lacks animation save for her death.
  • Russell is seen floating dead in the water instead of balancing on a piece of wood. There is also a graphical error where part of his pants is the same color as his fur.
  • Cro-Marmot faces right instead of left.
  • The seawater is red from blood instead of blue.
  • There is no background music.
  • The death sound clip is more compressed in quality.
  • Petunia's whimpering sound before the shark snaps her body is played fully instead of cut off.



  • Petunia's death animation is a sped-up version of her death in the "Swim" option in Petunia's Summer Smoochie. The accompanying audio is also sped-up as well as modified to follow the animation.


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